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A Cup of Zen is a shop of high-quality content and low content products that are on-brand for personal development coaches, yoga teachers, therapists, mental health, wellness advocates, and business coaches who help others learn more about themselves or turn around their habits and life conditions.

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Our done-for-you content is specific to your audience and one-of-a-kind just like your helping business

Done-For-You Content

Blog posts, reports, opt-in content, social media, and classes from a spiritual approach.

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An ever-growing collection of spiritual and esoteric images made just for you to use in your business.


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A Cup of Zen simplifies everything you do in a very cost-effective way so that you have more time to enjoy life!

At A Cup of Zen, we want to take one less thing off of your plate that can also help you with attracting your ideal clients. We exist to make business easier for you. We’ve simplified what so many others have done and done it well in one place. Because a simplified business means freedom to focus on what matters most.

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About Your Content Creator

Hi, I’m Gabby Conde

I’ve written professionally since 2006 after graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication. I’ve also practiced in the spiritual, psychic, and holistic healing field since 2008.

I started studying copywriting to help a local business grow their leads and sales. Since then, I have written 1000s of content in the form of blog posts, classes & trainings, ads, webinars, email series, sales and landing pages, website content, and launch content.

I’ve worked with spiritual entrepreneurs in local, national, global, and online industries. My specialty is identifying your values and unique selling propositions to communicate these in content to your reach your ideal clients.

I created A Cup of Zen to make business easier for you. I know what it is like to wear all the hats in business and have to do everything. It can cause burn out every quickly, especially when you work with others in a helping profession.

At A Cup of Zen, we want to take one less thing off of your plate that can also help you with attracting your ideal clients. With done-for-you content that is spiritually based, it is my goal to give you back more time and create a system for your content with ease.

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