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Elevate Everyday Mindful Journal Canva Templates

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Are you a shop owner, metaphysical shop owner, psychic, healer, or helping professional? If so, I have an exciting opportunity for you. Imagine being able to reduce the time it takes to create a course and start generating income faster. If this sounds like something you’ve been searching for, then keep reading because I have the solution you’ve been waiting for.

With the Awakening Your Intuition: The Fun and Friendly Way Course Content Pack, you get:

  • 68-Page Course Content
  • Course Handbook
  • 36-Page Workbook/JournalTemplates in Canva and PowerPoint
  • Cover Design
  • Plus 25 AI-Assisted ClipArt Graphics (With and Without Background)

Total Value = $67


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What You Get In The Awakening Your Intuition Workbook/Journal

Unlock Your Potential: Create and Sell Courses Faster Than Ever Before!

What most shop owners, metaphysical shop owners, psychics, healers, and helping professionals do when they want to create a course is spend hours upon hours researching and organizing their content. They may even invest in expensive software or hire a team of experts to help them. But for most people in these industries, none of that works. The process is time-consuming and overwhelming, leaving them frustrated and unable to focus on what they do best – helping others.
  • Are you tired of spending countless hours creating courses instead of focusing on your clients?
  • Have you tried various methods to speed up the course creation process but nothing seems to work?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of time it takes to research and organize your course content?
And what happens if you just keep doing what you’ve been doing? If you continue spending hours creating courses instead of serving your clients? You risk burning out and missing out on potential income opportunities. Don’t let the burden of course creation hold you back from reaching your full potential as a shop owner, metaphysical shop owner, psychic, healer, or helping professional. Take control of your time and start generating income faster by discovering the solution that will revolutionize your course creation process.
Elevate Everyday Mindful Journal Canva Templates

Activity Workbook & Journaling Pages

I started thinking through the steps of how I built my own intuition and realized that it was easier than I thought. By trusting my instincts and listening to my inner voice, I was able to come up with fun and friendly ways to help others create course content that truly stood out. I want to share this transformational process with others. That’s why I created the Done-for-You Course – Awakening Your Intuition. This comprehensive program includes a 68-page course content guide, a course handbook, a 36-page workbook/journal template, cover design, and 25 clipart graphics. With this course, anyone can tap into their intuition and create course content that not only resonates with their audience but also helps them build a successful business. Join me on this journey of awakening your intuition and transforming your business!

Check Out These Pages Inside:

  • Progress Tracker
  • Intuition Treasure Hunt
  • Intuition Flash Round
  • Intuitive Check-In Challenge
  • Solo Intuition Game
  • Intuition Trust Fall
  • Intuition-Prompted Storytelling
  • Intuitive Art Challenge
  • Musical Intuition Jam
  • Feeling Guess Game
  • Silent Support Challenge
  • Intuitive Message Sender
  • The Empathy Mirror
  • Scenario Swap
  • Emotion Charades
  • Intuition Hot Seat
  • Empathy Map
  • Intuition Walk
  • Intuition Dialogue
  • Intuition Art Project
  • Future Self Visualization
  • Vision Board Party
  • Collage
  • Gut Feeling Journal
  • Intuition Walk 2
  • Intuition Conversation
  • 10 Pages of a Variety of Intuition Journal Layouts

Awakening Intuition Workbook/ Journal Pages

acz - client sessions journey to healing 1
acz - client sessions journey to healing 2
acz - client sessions journey to healing 2

Cover Design in Canva, PowerPoint (PPTX) – Sizes include 8.5×11, 8×10, 6×9, A4 in color

PLR / Commercial Use Rights

36-Page Workbook/Journal Page Layouts in Canva & PowerPoint (PPTX) – Sizes include 8.5×11, 8×10, 6×9, A4

Graphics Pack with Commercial Use Rights

acz - client sessions journey to healing 1
acz - client sessions journey to healing 1

Total Value = $67


Use Coupon Code: SEE24

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Total Value = $67


Use Coupon Code: SEE24