Welcome to the 5-Day Use Your Content Challenge

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The 5-Day Use Your Content Challenge was designed to help you use your content to grow your business. Instead of letting the content sit on your hard drive, I show you how to put it into action as soon as possible as an article, ebook, and social media posts. Once you get into the flow of doing this, you can just repeat the steps and watch your list and customer base grow.

When you are first getting started with creating content and promoting it online, it takes time. Being consistent in producing your content is key. As mentioned above, go through the steps a few times to get into the rhythm and flow of what to do. Then repeat.

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Welcome to the 5-Day Use Your Content Challenge


How to Edit the Pre-Written Content to Make it Unique to You

Day 1 has 2 videos. In the first one, I show you how to rewrite the article and give you ideas to add to your articles. In the 2nd video, I show you a few different software platforms to use to generate titles for your articles.

How to Generate Titles

Title Generators:

Day 2

How to Create a Basic Ebook with Worksheets and Checklist to Add Your Content

Day 2 has a few videos. In the first one, I show you how to research the look of the ebook you want to create. In the 2nd video, I show you how to select your color palette. In the 3rd video, I show you how to create your ebook in Canva. In the 4th video, I show you how to add the unique content you created in the 1st day of the challenge to your ebook and share some ideas on what you can create for each page. The Canva Template links are also below the videos.

Video 1: Discover Your Ebook’s Unique Style


Video 2: Find Your Unique Color Palette for Your Ebook

Video 3: Create Your Ebook in Canva

You only have to create it 1 time and then you can edit it again and again if you want to use the same style.


Video 4: Adding Your Unique Content to Your Ebook in Canva

Add the content you created on day 1 of the challenge to your ebook in Canva to have it ready to go for day 3!


BONUS: Canva Templates for the Ebook Cover and Pages

EXTRA: Add Your Content to the PowerPoint Template

Prefer to use PowerPoint over Canva? Use the video below for a quick overview of how to add your content, change pictures, and the large picture background in the PowerPoint software.

Day 3: How to Set Up Your Opt-In Page & Test It

Below you will find the videos for how to use WordPress’ Gutenberg block editor to create an opt-in page for your offer using a new page, blog post, and using your email client server’s opt-in form page link. In each video, I walk you through the steps, but you will need to translate them to your own site. If you have a visual page builder like Divi or Visual Composer, you may have different steps you need to take to set up your pages and blog posts. The same is true for whichever email client provider you have. I show you the steps in Active Campaign but they can easily be translated to other email client providers like Aweber, Get Response, and ConvertKit. Let’s get started!

Video 1: How to Set Up Your Opt-In Offer Using WordPress Pages and the Gutenberg Block Editor

Basic Outline for Your Opt-In Page Copy/Content
1. Title
2. Subheader – tells you what the offer is about
3. Add in a relevant picture that shows what you are ssaying in visual form (left or right aligned)
4. Ask clarifying questions (1-3 questions) that also speaks to their frustrations and what results they want
5. Enticing pitch – Tell them what you are delivering and what result they will get out of opting in or buying your product. What are they going to get?
6. What your offer includes (Daily emails, Facebook group, etc)
7. What they will learn in the challenge (Videos, Modules, or benefits of the offer)
8. Bonuses
9. Value of the offer
10. Price for the offer (or free)
11. Meet Your Teacher/Trainer/Coach
a. Picture of you
b. Brief bio (1-2 paragraphs)

Video 2: How to Set Up Your Opt-In Offer Delivery Page Using WordPress Pages and the Gutenberg Block Editor

Video 3: How to Set Up Your Opt-In Offer Using WordPress Blog Posts and the Gutenberg Block Editor

Video 4: How to Create an Opt-In Page Using Your Email Marketing Service Provider


Day 4


During day 4, I show you quick ways to create Pinterest posts and social media posts inside of Canva. If you have the premium version of Canva, it only takes a few clicks and edits to resize the posts. But, if not, then follow along for how to make these templates. Some of them take less than 2 minutes to create!

Video 1: How to Create Pinterest Pins in Canva


Video 2: How to Create Social Media Posts in Canva


Bonus: Pinterest & Social Media Post Templates in Canva and PowerPoint

Day 5: How to Share Your Content on Social Media and Email

In Day 5’s content, I share with you how to share your posts on social media and Pinterest, as well as how to share on Instagram from your smartphone. I give you copywriting tips on how to craft a social media post that will create a bond between you and your audience. I also share how to create a video based on your blog post or page content. Follow along!

Video 1: How to Share Your Content On Social Media and Bond with Your Audience

Video 2: How to Create a Video Based on Your Blog Post or Page Content

Video 3: How to Share Your Blog Post in Email and Get Good Open & Conversion Rates


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