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Welcome to the 7-Day Watercolor Challenge! I’ve added all of the videos here for you to go through at your convenience. If you would like to go through them all now, go for it! I’ll also send you an email each day with each day’s challenge and link to go right to that day’s challenge on the page. Ready to get started? Watch the Welcome video and scroll down to see Day 1.

Scroll down to see the videos and follow along.

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Day 1

Supplies: What You Need To Get Started

If you need supplies for the challenge, take a look at this video for a list of things you’ll need. Keep in mind you don’t have to choose the exact brands I use. If you have supplies on hand, use what you’ve got to start.

You’ll Need:

Focus: Get Your Mindset Right

Mindset is so important to succeed with your watercolor practice! Get your mindset right with a quick pep talk from this video.

Day 2 – Paint Watercolor Leaves

Discover easy to use brush strokes to paint different leaves.

Today’s Homework:

  • Practice painting leaves by trying different brush strokes on your watercolor paper
  • Paint leaves on 1 sheet of paper

Day 3: Paint a Watercolor Leaf Wreath

Today we’re going to use the leaf technique you practiced yesterday and paint a wreath made of leaves.

Homework For Today

  • Practice creating a leaf wreath

Day 4: Painting Roses

Day 4: Paint a Trio of Roses

Today we’re going to paint a rose using an easy technique. It’s like writing “W’s” and “C’s” from the alphabet.

In this video, you’ll see how to paint a trio of watercolor roses and a quick set of leaves in a group of three.

Homework Practice For Today:

  • Practice a watercolor sheet of roses
  • Practice painting roses with leaves

Day 5: Paint Watercolor Filler Flowers

Today we’re going to paint watercolor filler flowers using different brush stroke techniques. I show you different flower petal styles and 3 different flower centers (pistils). You’ll also walk through using the petal and flower center painting techniques to create 3 flowers.

Paint More Watercolor Roses and Filler Flowers

Watch over my shoulder as I paint watercolor roses and flowers on a sheet for practice using some of the brush strokes from the video above.

Homework for Today

  • Practice painting different flower petal styles
  • Practice painting a variety of flowers
  • Open up Pinterest or your favorite flower book or photo and practice painting what you see

Day 6: Paint A Watercolor Roses & Filler Flowers Wreath

Today go from start to finish painting a watercolor roses and flower wreath. Follow along with me. Be sure to open up Pinterest or have a picture of a wreath or flowers you want to paint nearby. Saves time in the guesswork while you’re painting.

Homework For Today

  • Practice painting a watercolor wreath with roses and filler flowers

Day 7: Paint A Watercolor Wreath With Roses

Today we’re going to paint a watercolor wreath with roses. I talk about layout for your wreath using the rule of 3s. Watch over my shoulder as I paint watercolor roses and flowers on a sheet for practice using some of the brush strokes.

Next Steps

Thank you for taking the 7-Day Watercolor Challenge! Keep practicing your watercolor projects to work on your technique. If you’d like to learn how to digitize your paintings, then click below to see the next class!

Homework for Today

  • Paint a watercolor roses and flowers wreath

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