Keep the Social Media Spark Alive Without Writer’s Block

Timely. Targeted. Consistent. Build your social media tech stack with done-for-you content

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Timely. Targeted. Consistent. Build your social media tech stack with done-for-you content

A Cup of Social: Done-for-You Social Media. Schedule & Save Time and Effort

With done-for-you content, you’ll never worry about not knowing what to say again.

Are you tired of worrying about what to post on social media? Feeling like you’re being reactive rather than proactive? Worry no more. Use A Cup of Social: Done-for-You Social Media & Schedule to Save Time and Effort. Keep your business front and center with a scheduled and automated social media marketing strategy.

Ensure that your company has a cohesive social media strategy. With done-for-you content, you’ll never have to worry about not knowing what to say again. You’ll come across as an expert in the self-development and healing industries — not another blogger shouting into the void.

Only $67

Get Your Social Media and Marketing Stack Set Up with Done-for-You Content

Schedule posts, manage your social media, and free up your time. Done for you.

I will show you how to take pre-written content using A Cup of Zen’s A Cup of Social Posts, add your personality to them, and set up a social media schedule for a month’s worth of automated posting.

Tired of seeing your competitor dominate your social media with high-quality content? Have more time for the important things in life, like spending quality time with your family?


Increase brand awareness


Improve customer relationships


Increase sales

Without hiring a full-time social media marketer!

Post New Content Without Spending Hours On It Daily

If you are looking for relief from the daily grind, this is what you need. A Cup of Zen’s A Cup of Social Posts is the perfect content and training for people looking for an effective way to automate their social media activity.

Save time & money spent on day-to-day social media activities by scheduling posts ahead of time. Get access to content already written for you and spend less time on social media.

Automatically post new content on social media without spending hours on it daily. Say goodbye to writer’s block and hello to having enough time for more important things. Start using A Cup of Social Posts today to keep the social media spark alive by automatically posting self-help, self-development, mental health, and spiritual topics on social media without having to spend your own valuable time doing it!

Inside You Get:

# 1 – Training

It’s a lot of work to post fresh content on social media every single day, but you can get it done. You just select one of the many “daily posts” that A Cup of Zen provides and then make them your own. You can also set up a social media schedule to post the pre-written posts automatically for the month. I show you how.

This Video Course Includes:



Step-by-step videos where I show you the content you get inside the course and how to use it on social media, blog posts, and emails


How to change the templates to fit your branding colors and style and more


How to automate your social media using a social media tech stack in a few different ways


How to schedule your social posts using a done-for-you calendar for the month

Timely. Targeted. Consistent. Build your social media tech stack with done-for-you content

Done-for-You Social Content

Do you find yourself spending hours each day on social media? Do you find yourself logging in and out of Facebook to post one or two things? You could spend up to 25% of your day managing your social media. A Cup of Zen can help.

# 2 – 30 Days of Social Media Captions

Want to fill your social media with mystical, self-help, healing, and self-development types of social posts? In the 30 days of social posts, you get at least 3 longer form captions per day and shorter form captions on these topics.


30 Days of social media content


At least 3 captions for long-form for each day


Emojis included with posts

Example: Release Fear of Money

Long Form Captions (Facebook, Instagram):

Money is simply a tool to meet our needs.

Let’s get rich in other ways, like

💗 love 

🤗 joy 

☮️ peace 

😊 harmony 

👪 family

Having less is better, living better is better.

Why does it feel like some people live with a fear that money won’t last?

What if we all stopped worrying about money, and just lived our lives fully?⁣

#Money worries are the #1 Stressor for many of us. So why not get rid of it!⁣

Basically, it’s time for a lifestyle upgrade. And making these changes will help ease

It’s time to take control of your money!

There are more ways than ever to manage personal finances, save for retirement, and make the most of life saving tips.

Listen to the thoughts, and ask our experts.

Short Form Captions (Twitter)

  • Release fear around money. Start living a more abundant lifestyle.
  • There’s never been a better time to release fear around money. 💵 💴 💰 💸
  • Today we’re talking about money. In every single relationship, money is the #1 cause of arguments and stress.

# 3 – Done-for-You Social Media Templates

Get 26 done-for-you Canva social media templates to use with the post captions

Only $67

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Cannot resell the videos or use the video training as content in your business.


Cannot resell the templates


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Only $67