Magic Meets Mastery: How to Create Oracle Cards

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Are you ready to create an oracle card deck? This course, “How to Create Oracle Cards” is perfect for aspiring Etsy sellers, shop owners, psychics and mystics, or anyone with a love for cards.
Oracle Cards Course AI Generated

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Got a knack for art and dreaming of turning it into something amazing and profitable? Our “Oracle Card Creation Mastery” course is just what you need, especially if you’re an aspiring Etsy seller, website designer, or a creation lover. This isn’t just any course; it’s a launchpad to transform your creative ideas into stunning, market-ready masterpieces. Picture your unique designs coming to life and wowing everyone!

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How to Create Oracle Cards

Oracle Cards Course AI Generated

Discover the Art of Beautiful and Meaningful Oracle Card Design

Video 1 – How to Create Oracle Cards Introduction

Begin your journey with an introduction to creating meaningful and beautiful oracle card designs.

Video 2 – Unveiling the Mysteries – The History and Purpose of Oracle Cards

Explore the history and diverse applications of oracle cards, tracing their ancient origins and delving into their use in divination, self-reflection, spiritual guidance, and personal growth.

Video 3 – Themes & Symbols in Oracle Cards

Explore the themes and symbols in oracle cards, emphasizing their cultural, historical, and spiritual significance and how they are used to impart deeper messages and insights in readings.

Video 4 – The Role of Symbols in Oracle Cards

The video emphasizes the diverse interpretations of symbols in oracle cards, shaped by cultural, personal, and contextual influences, and teaches viewers to recognize and understand these symbols in different decks, revealing their contribution to the overarching message of the cards.

Video 5 – Oracle Card Deck Styles & Themes

Β Viewers are introduced to the vast and varied world of oracle card deck designs, exploring the diverse range of styles and themes available.

Video 6 – Create Oracle Card Designs in Midjourney

Viewers are introduced to the process of designing visually striking and creative cards using the Midjourney platform.

Video 7 – Using Niji in Midjourney for Consistent Oracle Card Designs

Viewers are introduced to the innovative techniques of using Niji within the Midjourney platform to create cohesive and visually harmonious oracle card designs.

Video 8 – Make Your Cards Unique with Themes, Art Styles & Color Palettes

Β Viewers gain insightful knowledge on how to create distinctive and captivating card designs.

Video 9 – Upscaling Your Oracle Card Images

Viewers are guided through the process of enhancing the resolution and quality of their oracle card images, a crucial step for ensuring professional-grade print results.

Video 10 – Finding POD Printing Sites Online & Sizes and Templates to Use

Viewers are guided through the practical aspects of selecting the right Print On Demand services for their card printing needs.

Video 11 – Make Oracle Cards with

Viewers are offered a comprehensive guide on how to use the popular online platform for creating custom oracle cards.

Video 12 – Create Oracle Cards with Superior POD Printing Online

The video provides an in-depth tutorial on using the Superior POD (Print On Demand) online service for creating high-quality oracle cards.

Video 13 – Create a Tuck Box for Card Decks

Viewers are given a detailed guide on designing and creating custom tuck boxes for card decks made through

Video 14 – Tuck Box Template & Design for Superior POD Printing Online

The video offers a comprehensive guide on creating custom tuck boxes using Superior POD’s online printing service.

BONUS – Additional Resources to Create Unique Cards

Get tools and resources, aimed at enhancing the uniqueness and appeal of their card creations.

Take a Look at Some of the Designs You Will Learn How to Create

You’ll Also Receive

Midjourney Prompts


Midjourney AI-Powered Design Prompts

Unlock the power of AI to enhance your brand! We provide a selection of AI prompts that you can tailor to fit your style. Simply mix, match, and copy-paste effortlessly! Plus, delve into the craft of creating digital mixed media backgrounds, complete with rich elements and textures.

List of Online Shops to Print Your Cards

I’ve Done the Research for You

Go and check out this list of online shops where you can get your oracle cards printed at affordable prices, along with the tuck boxes if you’d like!

Templates in Canva


Templates Created in the Videos

Are yours with template links!

Card Templates

Visual Journal Canva Templates Commercial Use
Visual Journal Canva Templates Commercial Use

Tuck Box Templates

journal with elements canva templates
journal with elements canva templates

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Utilize the AI prompts as inspirational triggers to generate fresh ideas for content creation, brainstorming sessions, and strategic planning.

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Utilize the prompts to stimulate creative problem-solving and overcome challenges with fresh and imaginative solutions.

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Limited Time Bundle

Regular Price: $47

On Sale ($20 Off) for $27 with Coupon

Use Coupon Code: oraclemmm

Meet Your Teacher

Hi, I’m Gabby. I’m an artist/designer, writer, marketing manager, CEO, healer, and psychic. I’ve worked in these fields professionally since 2008. I’m also a mental health clinician. I have industry experience and years of working with clients in the helping profession and in digital marketing and content creation since 2006, I decided to use my resources to help you create art using AI software.

Believe me, on many occasions, I’ve dreamed of having a way to create art fast, as fast as I can think it up. Now that it is here, I use it every day! I love love love generating new art using MidJourney. It’s become a passion of mine, especially to see how to expand my art into works I could only dream of and would have taken years to perform.

In addition, I enjoy marketing and creating a great experience for people. I’ve been told that I am a whiz at finding the core message that sells the brand. I’ve strategized whole marketing plans for small businesses, corporations, Fortune 500 companies, and companies that gross over $1 billion in sales. If there’s a will, there’s a way, and I’ve helped businesses sell products and services in the local and national market spaces.

I look forward to helping you on your journey to creating AI art and expanding your product line.