Black Friday Through Cyber Monday Sales

I believe that if I ask myself whether it will bring me joy before I buy it, then I will enjoy it more, rather than letting it sit and do nothing with it.

These are the 3 things I think of that are similar to her KonMari style, but with a twist:

a) Will I use it?
b) Will it make me money?
c) Is it fun? (or Marie’s way – Does it spark joy?)

One thing I can tell you now is that everything included in this email will make you money.

So now that we have b) figured out, you just need to answer questions a) and c). ?

This is your chance to save at the lowest prices available now. But HURRY, time is running out! These deals go away on Monday at 11:59 pm EST

I’ve made this easy for you – the first product up is about Choosing Joy and is from an awesome coach and teacher, Shawn Hansen, who has helped me in my own business to profit and will help you in yours with these special Cyber Monday deals!

Check out her Snowball Sale!

This is after having to endure days of no electricity during a snowstorm where she and her family is located!

But the good news for you is that she has 3 special offers ready for Cyber Monday:

#1: Swappables Kit  – Choose Joy (It’s the first in a new product line especially for Journal & Planner creators.)

This is an easy-to-use journal and planner creation tutorial and templates that you can use to easily swap graphics and journal/planner areas to make them quickly and beautifully! 

You’ve got to see this to believe it.

Shawn has a quick video showing you how this works. 

Bonus 1 – If you buy the Swappables Kit, I will bonus you a coupon* for $47 to use in A Cup of Zen’s shop. Available to you immediately after purchase in Shawn’s membership platform.

#2: Cover Pack #01 – Simply Fabulous (Another first of a new product line people have been asking me for some time.)

You asked and now you’ve got it! This cover pack features 10 original covers sized and optimized for KDP in PowerPoint at 8.5″x11″ and 6″x9″ sizes.

Check out the cover pack for KDP here!

Bonus 2 – If you buy the Cover Pack, I will bonus you a coupon* for $17 to use in A Cup of Zen’s shop. Available to you immediately after purchase in Shawn’s membership platform.

#3: Shawns Profit Tracks – A Month-to-Month Membership (This is a low-cost, feature-rich space I’ve been thinking about creating for the better part of a year.)

Only $5! 

But packed with value, Shawn will offer short training, freebies only available to this group, tips, extra bonuses, and Q&A access to Shawn for answers to questions you have about what you are creating. 

Plus, this offer will close after this sale so you only have until Dec. 9th to join. 

Check out December’s content for Profit Tracks here!

Bonus 3 – If you buy the Profit Tracks, I will bonus you a coupon* for $10 to use in A Cup of Zen’s shop. Available to you immediately after purchase in Shawn’s membership platform.

BONUSES Explained:

Yes, I am adding in bonuses for this! Shawn’s teachings have helped me tremendously and I know she can help you with your journal and planner creations and profits! She’s got a great idea and lineup planned for you that will give you different ways to profit and expand your products (for more profit)!

Bonus 1 – If you buy the Swappables Kit, I will bonus you a coupon* for $47 to use in A Cup of Zen’s shop.

Bonus 2 – If you buy the Cover Pack, I will bonus you a coupon* for $17 to use in A Cup of Zen’s shop.

Bonus 3 – If you buy the Profit Tracks, I will bonus you a coupon* for $10 to use in A Cup of Zen’s shop.

*These coupons will be good to use through May 31, 2020 so you will have plenty of time to use them on any new products, courses, and other items I launch in the shop. Redemption instructions available immediately after purchase through Shawn’s membership platform. If you need help with finding the instructions, please reply to this email and I will help you.

I’ve arranged each of the items on sale below by alphabetical order according to the main category they fit in. It’s all here for you!









Coloring Pages & Products

Adult Coloring Page Elements By Niranjan

Save 75% On This Adult Coloring Page Package
It’s a HUGE package of Christmas line drawings and line art, dot-to-dot, and tracing pages for only $67!
You get:

  • 30 Adult Coloring Pages
  • 10 Santa Line Drawings in Black and White AND Color
  • 10 Santa Dot-to-Dot Images
  • 10 Santa Tracing Images
  • 10 Snowmen Line Drawings in Black and White AND Color
  • 10 Snowmen Dot-to-Dot Images
  • 10 Snowmen Tracing Images
  • 10 Chrismas House Line Drawings in Black and White AND Color
  • 10 Chrismas House Dot-to-Dot Images
  • 10 Chrismas House Tracing Images
  • 10 Chrismas Tree Line Drawings in Black and White AND Color
  • 10 Chrismas Tree Dot-to-Dot Images
  • 10 Chrismas Tree Tracing Images
  • 10 Reindeer Line Drawings in Black and White AND Color
  • 10 Reindeer Dot-to-Dot Images
  • 10 Reindeer Tracing Images
  • 10 Christmas Dolphin Line Drawings in Black and White AND Color
  • 10 Christmas Dolphin Dot-to-Dot Images
  • 10 Christmas Dolphin Tracing Images
  • 10 Christmas Elements Line Drawings in Black and White AND Color
  • 10 Christmas Elements Dot-to-Dot Images
  • 10 Christmas Elements Tracing Images
  • 10 Christmas Penguin Line Drawings in Black and White AND Color
  • 10 Christmas PenguinDot-to-Dot Images
  • 10 Christmas Penguin Tracing Images
  • 10 Christmas Sleigh Line Drawings in Black and White AND Color
  • 10 Christmas Sleigh Dot-to-Dot Images
  • 10 Christmas Sleigh Tracing Images
  • 10 Christmas Puppy Line Drawings in Black and White AND Color
  • 10 Christmas Puppy Dot-to-Dot Images
  • 10 Christmas Puppy Tracing Images

See this HUGE Christmas Line Art Package Here!

Clean Cuss Words Coloring Pages

Rayven from Color Monthly has put together a massive package of 90 Clean Cuss Word coloring pages for you. These are private label rights (PLR) so you can sell these and profit too! With a package of 90 coloring pages, there’s a lot of profit potential there!

Here are some of the NOT Vulgar Curse words included:

  1. Bless Their Little Hearts
  2. Bullspit
  3. Cheesitz
  4. Crud Muffin
  5. Fish Paste
  6. Frazzle Razzle
  7. Fudge Nuggets
  8. Get Your Poop in a Group
  9. Go Lick a Duck
  10. H – E – Double Hockey Sticks
  11. Hasenpfeffer
  12. Hickey Darn
  13. Holy Guacamole
  14. Jack Donkey
  15. Mother Trucker

No coupon needed. You’ll get all 90 pages for just $27! This package is worth $135! So, it’s a steal of a deal.

See all of the Clean Cuss Word Coloring Pages here!

100 Holiday Doodle Designs

Hand-drawn holiday doodles by Lynette! Get them at $10 while you can.

You Get:

  • 55 Holiday Doodles in White and Black
  • 49 Holiday Doodles in Black

See all of the Holiday Doodle Designs here!

Content Galore!

61% Off Niche Starter Packs PLR

April has a ton of great content in her shop for you to use on your blog and in your business. With this 61% discount, this is one of her lowest sales of the year and you can use the coupon up to 3 times.

Some of the latest packs by April include:
  • Healing Power of Kitchen Spices Content Bundle
  • Healthy Money Mindset Content Bundle
  • Blog Series & Marketing Kit – Vision Boarding
  • Facebook Live Scared (Do It Anyway) Content Bundle
  • Simplify & Declutter Your Life
  • All About Keto PLR Content
  • Video Marketing For Shy People
  • Save Money
  • Importance of Self Care
Use coupon code: CYBER19
PLR Bundle Sale

Jennifer and April teamed up to bring you a HUGE Done-For-You PLR Bundle Sale! You will get 10 bundles covering topics like stress relief, waking up early, motivation, positive thinking, mindfulness, and more for one low price.

You will get 139 pages of high quality, well-written PLR content in the personal development niche. This includes 3 eBooks, 3 reports, over 100 articles, and another 28 pages of content, including product reviews and 2 email challenges. Plus, every pack includes even more bonus content.

  • Simplify & Declutter Your Life (Value $37)
  • Stress Relief & Better Sleep (Value $27)
  • Self-Discovery Combo Bundle (Value $47)
  • Self-Discipline (Value $27)
  • Motivation (Value $17)
  • Morning Person Bundle (Value $24)
  • Forming New Habits (Value $10)
  • Get Unstuck and Out of a Creative Rut (Value $10)
  • Positive Thinking Challenge (Value $17)
  • Mindfulness for Productivity (Value $37)

See everything you get in this PLR Bundle Sale here!

No coupon needed

90% Discount Self-Help Blowout Deal

From now until Monday, you can SAVE 90% on a collection of 15 PLR packs that are about to be “retired” from the Tools for Motivation catalog.

This means that after this promo, these products will no longer be available for sale!

This 15 Part Retirement Sale includes 5 Full Products, 5 Content Bundles and 5 Tips Reports from the Self Help PLR Catalog

Full Products

  • ($147) Self-Esteem Support System: 100 Self-Esteem Tips Designed To Boost Your Confidence
  • ($77) The Pushover Makeover: How To Be More Assertive
  • ($97) Be Bold: Simple Steps to Building Confidence
  • ($97) Hustle: Working hard For What You Want
  • ($97) A Fresh Start: Embracing New Beginnings

Content Bundles

  • ($47) Energy Management – Article, Audio, Report And Graphics
  • ($47) Being a Good Listener – Article, Audio, Report And Graphics
  • ($47) Prioritization – Article, Audio, Report And Graphics
  • ($47) Decision Making – Article, Audio, Report And Graphics
  • ($47) Reimagining Failure – Article, Audio, Report And Graphics

Tips Reports

  • ($9.95) Self-Confidence – Tips, Actionable Steps, Resources
  • ($9.95) Breaking Rules – Tips, Actionable Steps, Resources
  • ($9.95) Starting Fresh – Tips, Actionable Steps, Resources
  • ($9.95) Idea Generation – Tips, Actionable Steps, Resources
  • ($9.95) Reducing Stress – Tips, Actionable Steps, Resources

If you decide to purchase this Black Friday Retirement Sale you will have tons of ebook, audio, article, report, slide deck, graphic and social media content to work with.

See all of the content you get in this sale here!

Digital Marketing Training

The Funnel Advantage 
This 6-module course teaches not only the fundamentals of funnel building, but also how to create and monetize specific funnels, such as quizzes, webinars, telesummits and more. Not only that, but Cindy Bidar walks students through the all-important improvement steps, so they can continue to increase their revenue over time without working harder.
Regular price: $297

The Funnel Advantage 

Black Friday special: $148.50 with 
How to Fill a Funnel
This course is a collaboration between Cindy Bidar and the brilliant copywriter Karon Thackston. In it, they share actionable strategies for turning your blog into a list-building and passive income generating asset.
Regular price: $99.50

How to Fill a Funnel

Black Friday special: $49.75
Sale dates: Thursday, November 28 at 8am through Monday, December 2 at midnight Eastern  Coupon Code: BLACKFRIDAY2019 works for both products.

Everything On Sale

The Black Friday – Cyber Monday Sale is here!
Save 50% on all items in the shop!
Go to: 
Add the stuff you want to your cart.
Use coupon code in checkout: blackfriday
And check out the special offers below for Black Friday!

Get All the PLR Coloring Page, Planner and Printable Creations

Stephie released all of her PLR creations into one big bundle and this incredible bundle is yours for $131 off the regular price! You can pick up her Falloween Combo, coloring pages, planners, and more with her awesome designs!

Planner Creators 30% Off Everything!
Lynn Webb has 30% Off Everything in the store – check out her latest coloring image background pages, mazes in shapes with mermaids, and more!
  • Check out the:
  • Puzzles
  • Coloring Pages & Elements
  • And Freebies!
Coupon Code: BLACKFRIDAY30

50% Off Everything At Zen PLR – Teresa’s Site

Teresa added an additional sale of 50% off the entire Zen PLR store (excludes All Access Passes) in case you want a few things from her store! 

New and upcoming Zen PLR products include:

  • Patterns ‘n Kaleidoscopes Coloring Pages,
  • Wordoku Puzzles,
  • DFY Coloring Designs,
  • Journals and Journal Pages,
  • Journal Creator’s Toolbox,
  • Word Search Puzzles,
  • Fresh Typography/Wordart,
  • Additional KDP Covers,
  • New Crazy Mazes,
  • and More

The coupon code for this new sale is: blackfriday19

See everything 50% off at Zen PLR here!


All Access sales pages for Zen PLR / Teresa’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale:
  • The main offer will be an 2019 All Access Pass and will include all Zen PLR products created in 2019.

2020 All Access Pass 

  • The upsell will be an 2020 All Access Pass and will include all Zen PLR products that I create in 2020.
No coupon needed
Save on the Low Content Resources Monthly Membership

Get low content commercial use products monthly for a low subscription price.

Each month you’ll receive:

  • 50 new square patterns
  • 50 new round patterns
  • 10 abstract coloring pages
  • 10 lineart coloring pages
  • 2 journal or planner templates
  • 10 12″ x 12″ digital papers
  • All images come with my Commercial Use License
  • Coupon code – SAVE100 knocks $100 off the price of the annual membership. Your customers pay only $97 for the year.
  • Coupon code – SILVER10 knocks the price of the monthly membership down to $10/month. I’ve never offered it at this low price before, and probably never will again.





Get the Low Content Resources Monthly Membership

Lifetime Club at Planning Addicts
Your chance to get ALL of Jenn’s commercial use planners, journals, and printables at the best price.

Check out the Lifetime Club
Only $197 Friday – Sunday

Mindset Notes

Wouldn’t you love it if a powerful and positive message showed up in your actual mailbox every so often? Wouldn’t you love it even more if someone sent them to you as a gift? With a Mindset Notes Gift Subscription, you can gift someone you know with a full year of encouraging messages sent month after month.And yes, I’m talking about ‘snail mail’ notes! Real cards they’ll hold in their hand and know came thanks to you 🙂

Check out Kelly’s Mindset Notes membership here!

Planners & Journals

Weekly Reflections Planner

This is free offer by Ruthie for a 198-page planner that is perfect for keeping track of your goals for the year, and offers up space to celebrate your accomplishments and track how well you’re doing each week and month. 

Get the Weekly Reflections Planner

60% Off Planners and Journals at Power Printables

Simone and Zane have a 60% off sale on at Power Printables! Pick up Journals and Planners with some less than $10!

See their latest:

  • Essential Oils Journal
  • Pregnancy Journal
  • Mental Health Journal
  • Habit Trackers

60% Off Power Printables

Free 5-Year Planner

TWO 5 Year Planners contain 360 pages in 3 sizes in a PowerPoint document for FREE now through Monday, December 2nd.

You have full commercial use on the planners i.e. you can re-brand them as your own and publish with your author name.

Get Your Free 5-Year Planner With Commercial Use Rights Here!

60% Off Planners

Take our full commercial use Health and Fitness Journal and target this huge market of Fitness lovers.

This Health and Fitness Journal contains 53 pages to keep up to date and motivate you to become the Healthier Fitter you!

Check out the Health and Fitness Journal!

See all of the planners on sale for 60% off!

Use coupon code: BLACK60


Print-On-Demand Training in the Wedding Printables Niche

Over the last two years Alessandro Zamboni developed solid returns from the strategies inside this course, and the previous ones about print-on-demand. This is a market that keeps growing year by year, with no exception. And the more this business gets around, the more interest it generates.

Inside this course, you will learn how to create three custom print-on-demand items for weddings. Gifts that are researched not only by people who are going to marry, but also by their invitees. Products incredibly easy to make, where you simply get the order, get the product created, and then send to them.

Here is what you will learn in the course:

  • 3 new methods to create outstanding print-on-demand products for weddings, and more.
  • ​ How to create the products for free, and in 5 minutes each.
  • ​ How to price your products correctly.
  • ​ How to start your print-on-demand business on the right foot.
  • How to sell your items on Etsy.
  • How to promote your items to get sales.
  • And much, much more!

See the POD Training for Wedding Printables here!