SEO Course: Make Content Click & Conversion Worthy

A course showing you how to Get more traffic and conversions with these simple SEO techniques

The Missing Link to Click & Conversion Worthy Content

Guidance with the Angels Journal and Planner

Yes. there is a missing link. SEOs can teach you the technical side of SEO while copywriters can teach you how to write for conversion. But you have to go to each of them to learn how to write for search engines AND how to write to motivate people to click and convert.

With this course, you get the best of both worlds. I’ve studied copywriting and SEO. I’ve worked with companies run by one owner up to Fortune 500 companies to craft their website copy, advertorials and ads, marketing materials, SEO, blog posts, and so much more.

This is the missing link you are looking for if you want to use SEO and copywriting to get more clicks and conversions.

This Video Course Includes:

    • Step-by-step videos where you watch as I show you how to research SEO using free tools. I believe in using tools – it just makes it SO much easier and saves time. It’s very easy to follow along because I break down the hard technical topic of SEO into easy-to-follow pieces.
    • Google sheet to keep track of your keywords, meta information, and writing style for your products and services
  • Bonus videos on how to use paid-for software to write product descriptions in a matter of 5 minutes (they write it for you) and a great deal that is available today for you to get the software

Only $47

Make Content Click & Conversion Worthy

Get your SEO copy ready

SEO copywriting is a tricky business. In this video course, I take you through the process of crafting SEO copy for your product and service descriptions


Create Click-worthy, conversion-worthy content

You’ve got a product, now you need to share it. Learn the exact techniques SEOs use to promote world-famous brands (and get the click and conversion). SEO Course: Make Content Click & Conversion Worthy is a video course that walks you through the fundamentals of on-page SEO from research to crafting a compelling product description.

Videos Include:

How to Research Keywords and Spy On Your Competitors (to gain their strategies)


How to Make Your Writing Stand Out from Your Competitors


Write the SEO Meta Info for Search Engines & Etsy to Make it Click-Worthy


How to Get Your SEO Always Right on Your Website


How to Keep Track of What You Wrote

Plus, You Also Get a Bonus Video


In addition to the full course, you’ll see a bonus video that shows you how to write content with your keywords with just a click. This does involve paid software that is currently available through a lifetime deal.
Videos Include:

How to Write SEO Optimized Product Descriptions in a Click


How to Write SEO Optimized Meta Tags in a Click


How to Get Your Landing Page Written in a Click

SEO for E-Commerce

SEO is one of the most important aspects of your business. Not only does it help you attract more paying customers, it helps you avoid costly penalties from Google and other search engines.

For e-commerce businesses, SEO can be a lucrative way to grow revenue. In this video course, you’ll learn the basics of on-page SEO from research to crafting a compelling product description. SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s the strategy for making your site content easy for search engines to find and understand.

Only $47

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Only $47

About Your Instructor

I’ve worked for agencies in SEO and online marketing as a Senior SEO Manager and Marketing Manager, Copywriter, Launch Strategist, Graphic Designer, Vice President of Marketing, and so many more titles. I’ve taught dozens how to use SEO for website copy, blogs, and more. I’ve studied and written copy for businesses of all kinds, including solo (1 person) businesses through Fortune 500 companies. I also get results with each client I work with because I know they want leads and sales. It is the lifeblood of their business.