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Set Goals in Different Life Areas

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Goals Social Media Post Templates in Canva

A Cup of Social: Done-for-You Social Media Posts & Templates

Get the most out of your social media with our 31-day done-for-you plan that includes goals for different life areas, templates for posts, and posts for every day of the month.

Achieve your goals with social media

Social media is a powerful tool that can help you stay connected with your friends, family and followers. Use it to promote your business, grow your customer base, or just have some fun. However, if you’re not using it to its full potential – you won’t see all the benefits.

With Use A Cup of Social: Done-for-You Social Media, you’ll get a one month done-for-you plan that includes 31 days of posts geared towards helping people achieve their personal goals. We also provide templates for posts so you can edit and brand as you choose in Canva (the free design software). 

Only $47

Ever wonder how to improve your social media content, but don’t have the time?

Our done-for-you social media is perfect for you

Schedule posts, manage your social media, and free up your time. Done for you.


Different areas, different goals

Help your audience with a variety of life areas. These social posts offer a variety of posts to help you reach different life areas like spirituality, productivity, goal setting, and eating habits.

Easy to use templates & design resources

Not a designer? No problem! We offer templates that are easy to use with Canva (the free program), so you can design beautiful social media posts on the go (they have an app or use the web based service in your browser)

Content that is done for you

We share insights from different fields so you can get tips to get your social media posts done for the days ahead. You can also use these at any time.

Without hiring a full-time social media marketer!

Done-for-you 31 days of social media posts

Includes 31 days worth of social media posts with highlighted tasks that align with any goal you set, from fitness goals to productivity.

No more excuses

Don’t let life get in the way of your goals anymore! Let us help you turn your goals into a reality. With our templates and Canva, you’ll be able to post consistently and creatively on all your social media platforms – all while still living your life.

Inside You Get:

# 1 – 31 Days of Social Media Captions

Sick of the same old posts? We’ve got you covered! Increase your social media engagement and followers with this 31-day post series: 31 Days of Social Media. This series is perfect for those who want a less personal approach, have trouble coming up with content, or feel guilty about sharing too much personal information.

31 days of social media posts save you time and help you stay refreshed. Make your life easier with these 31 pre-written, ready-to-post social media posts daily. Share with your audience to keep them engaged, following, and interacting.

You get 3 captions per day, along with emojis.


31 Days of social media content


At least 3 captions for each day


Emojis included

Example: Good Sleep

Long Form Captions (Facebook, Instagram)

What if I told you that tossing and turning all night disrupted your mental stability? It sounds crazy, but it’s true. ❇☁️🌙♡

Consistently getting a good night’s sleep is better for your mental well-being and can help reduce feelings of anxiety and depression.⁣

Here are some tips on how to sleep better:⁣

🌙 Change screen lighting for an hour before bed to reduce blue light exposure

🌙 Take deep breaths to relax and mentally prepare for rest

There are plenty of reasons why we should prioritize our #sleep. Here are three:

😴 Sleep increases your ability to problem solve 😴

😴 A lack of deep sleep can result in weight fluctuation and depressed moods 🥱

😴 Most people need a certain amount of sleep for their bodies to function properly. 🧸💤

Let’s all do our part to combat the pace with which we lead our lives and ensure we get enough good rest!⁣

#Selfcare for your mind

Forget about ‘sleep deprivation.’ It’s time to strive for a healthy balance. 🧸❤️

Great health starts with inner strength. Make it happen by prioritizing your mental health and getting enough rest. 😵‍💫

And when you’re not sleeping, make sure to #PowerNap.

Short Form Captions (Twitter)

  • Consistently getting a good night’s sleep is better for your mental well-being.
  • Let’s all do our part to combat the pace with which we lead our lives and make sure you get enough good rest!⁣
  • Forget about ‘sleep deprivation,’ it’s time to strive for a healthy balance.

# 2 – Done-for-You Social Media Templates

Get 45 done-for-you Canva social media templates to use with the post captions

Only $47

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The Social Media templates come with commercial use license so you can use these templates to create social media posts, product listings, banners, Pinterest pin images, or other materials for marketing your business. They can be saved as JPEG, PNG, or PDF files using Canva.

Use the templates to create social posts for your business and/or products


Use the templates to edit them in any way you'd like to use as social media posts, product images, or other commercial use form in your business

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Cannot resell the templates in any way, shape, or form


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Only $47