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If you’re new to using done-for-you content, i’ll let you in on a secret…

How do you build a business that runs on autopilot?

That was one of the questions that led me to content that is done for you.

I know, sometimes starting a business doesn’t seem that straightforward or easy, but it doesn’t have to be that complicated either.

If writing blog posts was a part of your plan when starting a business, but you’re not a writer or you feel like a fish out of water with a keyboard in front of you, I have a simple solution that will help you write faster without losing quality content.

To make things simpler, imagine that you want customers to find you without having to do all the work.

I used to write content from scratch. But once I got busy with clients, I no longer had the time or freedom to write as much.

I started hiring writers, but it quickly became expensive and hard to generate traffic with only 1 or 2 blog posts per month and no lead generation reports.

If you’re considering starting a business online or offline but want specific content that will address these needs, A Cup of Zen may have exactly what you’re looking for.

Here at A Cup of Zen I want to share my story with you so that you too can have a business that fits in with who you are at heart. It’s been tough, but I’ve discovered some secrets along the way that have led me to experience my spiritual entrepreneurship the way I envisioned it.

I knew there had to be another way. I somehow found out about private label rights, or white label, done-for-you content and realized that it was the solution I needed to write blog posts and opt-in reports faster. But I noticed a gap in the marketplace. While there are a lot of self-help content out there, there is not any specific content written for spiritual entrepreneurs.This is where A Cup of Zen closes the gap with done-for-you content and stock photography.

Imagine What It Could Be Like
One of the places to start is to imagine how you want your business to be like. If you answered that you magically want customers to find you without having to stress over all of the content creation, then we’re on the same page.

One of the biggest challenges that a spiritual entrepreneur faces when starting a business is how to grow a network with out appearing like they are salesy.

The done-for-you content we create for spiritual entrepreneurs can bring you the right leads and help you make sales. That is the bigger picture of what you want, right? I’ve worked in digital marketing to do just that for a variety of businesses online since 2006.

Tie The Content To Your Goal

If your goal is to get leads, use the content as blog and social media posts to drive traffic to your website. We also recommend running ads for faster results. If your goal is to make sales, then turn the content into a paid product. Think about your goals and see below how you can use the content in many ways in your business.

Spirituality + entrepreneurship = what every spiritual entrepreneur wants. And we want to show you how to get started (and stay on track) so that you can work on being the kind of spiritual entrepreneur that you’ve always imagined being.

Use Done-For-You Content In


Blog Posts






Website Content


Marketing Materials








Opt-In Reports


Guest Blogs






Social Media


And More!

How To Get Started




Choose which content you need for your business. Usually, as Marie Kondo says, if it “sparks joy,” then it’s the right one!


discover it


As soon as you get the content, go through it and start building your idea for what to do with it. Make a list of ideas and think of ways to repurpose the content for a variety of uses.


change it


To make the content unique to you, add stories that go with the writing to add more depth and personality to the content. Use the stock photos with photo filters to match your Instagram or Pinterest style.




Launch your blog post, opt-in, Facebook Live, or another way you want to use the content and celebrate. You did it! Now get ready to do it again. Consistency counts.

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