Transforming Lives Summit

October 3-7, 2021

I’m so glad you are joining us in the 2nd Annual Transforming Lives Summit & Bundle. I’m looking forward to building the event to target to those of us that sell to coaches, healers, bloggers and more in the self-help industry.

Combining all the expertise to reach more in our specific niche.

Why Join The Summit?

  • Build a targeted list. We are recruiting businesses that are in the same market you are. This gives you a list that is looking for what you specifically offer, which leads to better conversions on your emails! As a speaker you will have a full page to include your bio and a gift that attendees can sign up for.
  • You earn 50% commission. Purchases through your affiliate link will earn you 50% commission when they upgrade to purchase replays and/or the bundle. PLUS they will then be cookied into A Cup Of Zen’s system and you will earn 50% commission on further purchases they make on the site.


What Are The Requirements?

  • Decide on your talk. Create an enticing talk title and description.
  • Create or select a product to giveaway as a gift. Make this a product that really showcases what you do.
  • Submit your info on the form. Please make sure you fill out all the information as we use this form for building your speaker page and keeping track of your information. Make your talk and gift descriptions wow attendees.
  • Send a picture and graphic. After submission Val will contact you to get your headshot and gift graphic. Please have your gift graphic a minimum of 600×600. We do require a square graphic.
  • Promote the event. We will provide you with an affiliate link and swipes for emails and social media that you can easily use to promote. Including pretty graphics. We are making it easy for you to schedule a minimum of two emails to your list.

Please note that you will not get a master list from the event. All attendees and buyers will have the right to sign up for only the products and businesses they are interested in. This gives you a much more targeted list!

I are looking forward to you joining us in the Transforming Lives Summit.

If you have any questions, please email our bundle manager Val Selby.

2022 Summit Submission
If your product requires a coupon, the code to use will be emailed to you after submission.
Product License
I will promote the event twice to my list and social media followers