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Being in the self-help industry, you want to get to the good stuff. Helping others!

Grab this bundle of workshops and done-for-you products, so you can get back to working with your people quicker.

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transforming lives bundle

Our bundle is unique because we’ve reached out specifically to businesses & creators in the self-help niche to join us. 

These creators know what you are going through and are here to help you dig in so you can help your community quicker.

We know you need to keep up on your personal and business growth and we're here to help!

We know you want to create new courses and workshops and we're here to help!

You are doing amazing things in your life that impact the world.

Don't let the steps bog you down. You are not alone as you create the ripples that make change...the ripples that transform lives.

We have teamed up to bring you 48 products to specifically help improve your business as a coach, healer or other business in the self-help industry.

Workshops & Training

To help others, you need to be at your best. Learn ways to keep your energy high and some tech for taking your business forward.


Add content quickly to your website. Create lead magnets to find those ideal clients searching for you right now!


Worksheets and printables help you create courses quickly without having to know how to create tables or other "fancy" stuff to make them look nice.

But, PLR and rebrandable products aren't all we gathered for you.

We reached out to coaches and healers to help you

48 Products worth over $3100

One LOW Price


Look at the amazing training in the

Transforming Lives Bundle


Manifest Infinite Abundance

value $888

Clear Your Limiting Beliefs
Clear your limiting beliefs, fears, and emotions
Clear your past life and ancestral blocks
Clear your fear of success and/or failure
Clear self sabotage
Clear feeling bad for charging and receiving money
Clear these blocks for your parents, children, and future generations

Thrive From Your Gifts, Talents, and Abilities

Experience more financial freedom, empowerment, and security
Experience more ease and grace
Manage your finances and clear your debt
Attract infinite opportunities and clients
Learn to charge properly for your time, knowledge, and skills

A Powerful Healing Modality

One of the most trusted sources for healing
Voted one of the most powerful healing modalities by many veterans of healing

From Tarek of Miraculous Manifestations

Personal Use Only

Manifest On-Demand 2.0

value $267


You will learn how to harness these steps and achieve off-the-chart results:

From Dan Fowler of The Imagination Institute, Inc.

Personal Use Only

Sell Crystals and Metaphysical Products: Source, Dropship, & Keep Supplies

value $197

Want to learn how to sell crystals in your shop online or on Etsy or some other marketplace? I did all of the research and sold crystals during the COVID shutdown and other metaphysical products. I've sourced crystals and know the suppliers to go to and what you need to do to get started. Follow along with me as you set up your crystal and/or metaphysical shop.

From Gabby Conde of A Cup of Zen

Personal Use Only

I Am Ready for Success – Affirmation Journal & Coloring Book

value $30

"I Am Ready for Success" Affirmation Journal & Coloring Book is designed to help you start a new conversation with the voice inside your head. So many of us have felt discouraged when reaching for the goals we've set for ourselves. These thoughts are simply programming that was taught to us; it's time to teach ourselves the truth: we are beautiful, perfect beings, worthy of the most glorious love on earth - our own. This simple coloring book featuring body positive affirmations, and lined journal pages is designed to invite new thoughts.  

From Rayven Monique of Abundability

Personal Use Only

Selling Coaching Using The Bridge Method

value $197

You are a Coach, NOT a Salesperson. When using the Bridge Method your focus is to develop a relationship and understanding your potential clients needs, challenges, goals and helping them to see how life will be better once they solve that problem. Then you can offer them help to implement solutions. And that solution is your coaching program. This is collaborative selling process, that is a win, win for both you and your clients.

From Colin C Yearwood of CY Training Solutions

Personal Use Only

Biz Planning to Rock Your Year

value $111

Grab my Biz Planning to Rock Your Year, a roadmap certain to take you from chaos to clarity.

Learn how you truly can work smarter not harder, structure your days to instantly free up time you didn't think you had. Plug the leaks in your sinking ship and throw those distractions overboard once and for all.

As every small business owner knows, if you’re not having fun and enjoying your work, it’s tough to stay motivated. And if you’re not feeling motivated, it’s nearly impossible to grow.

Whatever level you’re at, whether you’re in love with your business today or not, the only sure-fire way to rock your year is to spend some time reviewing your wins, setting new goals, and planning your strategy for the coming months, quarter, year.

From Lisa Mulhern of Perfectly Productive

Personal Use Only

Create the YOU Brand to Attract Your Customers & Design Fun Products

value $97

Create a brand that is YOU! In this course, you will pick your niche, colors, and style to create what you need to start and create products in your business. Follow along with me as you create and you'll have your business and product ready in just a few hours.

From Gabby Conde of A Cup of Zen

Personal Use Only

Soulful Digital Life and Goal Planner

value $30

The Soulful Digital Life Planner helps you to DREAM BIG! How do you want your life to look? Use the digital planning pages to create a vision board, bust through the limiting beliefs that are holding you back, and plan your morning routine to make your days flow with ease. You can take a look at your life as a whole, figure out where you are out of balance and then use the daily, weekly and monthly pages to create your plan of action to make all your dreams come true.

From Jilanne Holder of Soulful Planner

Personal Use Only

Reflect & Reset: A 7-Day Challenge

value $27

Ready to set yourself up for success next month?

We're far beyond only setting goals and taking a look at the trajectory of our lives in the New Year, or even each quarter of the year.

Monthly resets allow you to intentionally take a look back at the past month, look at your successes and goals you have achieved, and reflect on what you want to work on for the next month.

Imagine what it would feel like to ditch the chaos and enter into your month feeling calm and confident!

Join us today and make your next month, your best month!

From Ally Rose of Your Story Matters

Personal Use Only

My Rebel Goals

value $47

My Rebel Goals workbook + planner is here for you to create a reset and pause for a moment so you can develop the clarity you need and choose goals that excite you, make more space for self-love, and develop habits that support you, your life, and your dreams + goals and fuel your life with passion!

From Petra Monaco of The Rebels Den

Personal Use Only

The Magic of Walking Challenge

value $27

What's happening in your world today? Have you been out and about, or stuck in front of the computer? Walking has so many health benefits, and in joining this challenge, you'll experience the magic of being out in the real world, sun on your skin and wind in your hair, discovering and breathing in the quiet spaces around you.

Set your own goals, be they large or small. Document your journeys, reflect and celebrate your successes, and use walking meditations, affirmations and motivational quotes to keep you on track and to reduce your stress. Interact with the printable pdf walking journal and share your successes in our community.

The Magic of Walking Challenge will support and encourage you in (re)building your walking practice.

From Kim of Ebisu's Publishing

Personal Use Only

Creating Calm Journal

value $27

How Quieting Your Mind Helps You Manage The Chaos Around You in 30 Days! This journal will help you to slow done and connect with yourself. Get to know you again. Creating calm truly is within your power and will help to boost your addiction recovery program.

From Tanya D. of The Peace We Crave

Personal Use Only

We Have More For You!

Get Ready For The Done-For-You Products

If you haven't heard of PLR, we are happy to introduce you to this time saver.

PLR stands for private label rights. It means that every product in the basic bundle package comes with the right to edit the content, add your voice, add your stories, and especially add your branding. This saves you a tremendous amount of hours.

You will find multiple products that you can put to quick use and grow your business.  

Use them:

  • As opt-ins to grow your list.
  • To create workshops for your clients.
  • To build coaching packages and memberships.

Change Lives Using These PLR Products!

All included in the one bundle price

Confidence and Self-Esteem Niche Templates Pack

value $37

The personal development niche is booming... and the potential for this niche is HUGE. Here's a perfect way to help your clients and customers boost their confidence and live their best life. We've included everything you need to get started creating instant products like t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, wall art, coloring books, organizational products, printables and more. All templates come with complete private label rights (PLR) and are for commercial use. We even show you how!

From Alice Seba & Yusef Kulan of EKit Hub

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Choose Your 3 Spirit Animals Packs

value $81

You will have the option of choosing any 3 Spirit Animal Packs.

From Gabby Conde of A Cup of Zen

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Affirmations & More PLR Bundle

value $37

Personal affirmations can change your life. They can help to reprogram your subconscious mind and change the way you think and feel about yourself and life. When you begin to believe in the power of personal affirmations, you will start to see positive changes in all areas of your life. Whether you’re a coach, consultant, or business professional, everyone can uplift and attract more joy and success when they add affirmations to their lives. This mini content package provides content that you can use for yourself or share with others.

From Tara Kachaturoff

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Manifestation Journal

value $37

This 5-section, 25 page printable and editable manifestation journal can be used to create a step by step guide to help customers reach life goals and imagine what their life could be like. You can create one or several different journals for print-on-demand platforms like Amazon's KDP or for print at home products on Etsy or your own website because you get private label rights with our products.

Files include: PDF & PPT. along with COMMERCIAL / PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS.

From Jenn Brockman of Planning Addicts

PLR and/or Commercial Use

7-Day PLR Self-Care Social Media Challenge

value $7

Easily get your social media followers to take care of themselves with this seven day self-care challenge. This challenge works both on Facebook and Instagram and is laid out perfectly so you can simply publish in as little as five minutes. If you are struggling with posting regularly, this will help get you back on track!

From Kate Tekurio of ktcontent

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Root Chakra: How-To Guided Workbook & Affirmation Cards

value $27

The Root Chakra is the first of the Chakras; the Foundational Chakra. Working on balancing the Root Chakra can provide grounding and stability in many areas of your life. Feeling grounded with increased stability can help you feel better equipped to handle the challenges in life that come your way.

This "How To" Guided workbook provides information on areas of balance and imbalance related to the Root Chakra, as well as healing crystals that work well with the Root Chakra. This workbook/journal walks you through the Root Chakra areas to help you think about which may be impacting your current life. From there, practice reframing thoughts to positive and creating your own positive affirmations.

18 Root Chakra Affirmations included on printable card deck as well as printable card deck templates so you can create your own!

From Melanie Dougherty of BittySpireLife

PLR and/or Commercial Use

30 Days of Super Cool Apps for Life

value $18.97

This 700+ word blog post is perfect for showing someone how to turn their smartphone into a self-development tool. Then use the 30 super cool apps for life document as a content upgrade.

Help your community make their self-development journey easier with the use of their smartphone.

From Kelly McCausey & Samantha Angel
 of White Label Perks

PLR and/or Commercial Use

You Got This! Success Planner

value $37

If your customers are in need of motivation and guidance, then this helpful Success Planner is perfect! It has everything your customer needs to live a successful life. There is a habit tracker, workout plan, get stuff done page, and MORE! It has daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly planning that is undated. They can use this planner year after year. Help your customers be more successful today by picking up this planner to sell in your store!

It comes in 8.5 x 11, 8 x 10, and A4 sizes.

For those who want to sell on Amazon KDP, a black and white version is included too.

From Becky Beach of PLR Beach

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Reiki Practitioners Planner & Workbook Done-for-You with Content

value $47

This workbook is for those who want to learn about how to start practicing Reiki, as well as for those who already practice it and want to explore new ways of doing it as well as need client forms for intake and ongoing session notes.

This workbook has what you need, from the basics of how Reiki works, to daily practices, and different methods of treatment. You can sell it to your clients and they can use it in their Reiki or other healing modality practices.

From Gabby Conde of A Cup of Zen

PLR and/or Commercial Use

I Believe In Angels - Affirmation Journal (Canva Template)

value $37

Help your clients and customers in their spiritual journey by using this brand new DFY affirmation journal to remove their limit beliefs and to open themselves to connect with the energy of the angels. It includes 30 prompt affirmations in a journal template in A4 size that you can easily edit and make your own using your free Canva Software account.

From Cynthia of Soulful PLR by Soulful.Business

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Journaling Blog Posts Bundle

value $27

Journaling Blog Posts Bundle: 5x Journaling PLR (Private Label Rights) 1000+ words blog posts that entrepreneurs in the self-development and self-help niche can use for themselves or sell on their website. The articles will teach you how journaling can reduce stress, spark creativity, and help you achieve your goals. It will also show you how journaling will help you become more mindful and enjoy the present moments in life.

These blog posts can be used for personal or commercial use. The Journaling Blog Posts Bundle will also include 4 social media mockups (2x square and 2x Pinterest Pins) along with 1x printable (Daily Journal) that will complement the blog posts.

Blog posts titles include:

1. Mindful Journaling For Beginners: What Is It and How You Can Get Started
2. How To Transform Your Emotional Well-Being For The Better By Journaling Mindfully
3. 5 Ways To Make Journaling Apart of Your Daily Routine
4. What Is Mindful Writing and How It Can Bring You Peace In Your Everyday Life
5. 6 Powerful Tips For Meditative Journaling

From Andrea Allen of Living Simply Creative

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Manifest Your Dream Life Epic Content Pack

value $47

This 5-section, 25 page printable and editable manifestation journal can be used to create a step by step guide to help customers reach life goals and imagine what their life could be like. You can create one or several different journals for print-on-demand platforms like Amazon's KDP or for print at home products on Etsy or your own website because you get private label rights with our products.

Files include: PDF & PPT. along with COMMERCIAL / PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS.

From Jenn Brockman of Passion for PLR

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Tarot Workbook Journal and Spread Bundle

value $37

Here is a beautiful bundle of Tarot pages in several varieties to mix and match for your business. You receive a 70-page flat PDF with all the variations to print as you like, or sell as is for personal use to your clients. You also get 3 separate workbooks/journals for spreads and research etc.

The 3 workbooks include 1 PDF and 1 editable PowerPoint file each. Also included is a jpg containing Major Arcana Tarot cards and symbols to color, and one original art creation by AHDesign, you can color, frame, or use as a book cover if you resell any of the PDFs.

You can edit and make something new, or resell any of the 4 PDFs included for personal use.

From Angela Hobbs of Color My Agenda

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Digital Self Care Planner - Commercial Rights

value $27

Do you want to feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally?

This Digital Self-Care Planner can help you do just that! This 30+ hyperlinked planner is perfect to take better take care of your body, mind, soul, and relationships. Plus, our commercial use rights mean you can use sell this in your shop to help your customers as well.

From Neha Srivastava of PlannerforAll

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Mindful Eating Meal Planner & Journal

value $27

Healthy eating is important for mental and physical health but it can be hard to stay on track. This Mindful Eating Meal Planner & Journal will help your clients or customers eat more mindfully without feeling overwhelmed. This done-for-you Canva template has 40 pages and includes 22 hand drawn adorable fruit & veggie illustrations.

From Chelsea Sprague of PLR Friends

PLR and/or Commercial Use

DFY Feel Good Together Thanksgiving PLR Pack

value $47

Would you like to help your customers living a wonderful Thanksgiving Day? With Gift Tags, Place Cards and Dinner Games, these Done-For-You Printables can help them create an unforgettable day!

From Estelle Defrance of PLR for Your Success

PLR and/or Commercial Use

PLR Get Fit Weight Loss Planner

value $27

PLR Get Fit Weight Loss Planner comes with 56 pages to track all of your fitness needs. It is available in 3 sizes: US Letter, A4, and 8×10, and is editable in Canva (free account). This planner helps to track and record everything from diet, fitness/exercise, weight, water, routine, food intake, macros, and so much more!

From Aimee of Imperfectly Aimee K.

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Refresh Bible Reading Journal

value $27

The Refresh Bible Journal is the perfect way to give your audience the tools necessary to keep track of and reflect on their time spent in God's Word. With plenty of space to track daily scripture reading, refreshing prayer, and more, this is the perfect way to stay inspired and encouraged in faith. This done-for-you journal comes with an editable PowerPoint template so that you can easily personalize and rebrand this Bible journaling tool for your ministry or organization.

From Wanda Ward of The Planner Nerd

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Inspirational Wall Art Template Bundle

value $27

Create beautiful Inspiration/Affirmation Wall Art in minutes with these 25 templates. By adding clipart, changing the type of font (or not :), changing the font color, changing the effects of the font, adding borders, or adding more words to the saying, you can create beautiful Inspirational Wall Art to share with your audience and inspire them to live their most amazing lives

A video is also included to show how to transform these Inspirational sayings into BEAUTIFUL Wall Art in minutes.

From Kelly Netzband of Simply Love PLR

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Small Business Planner Canva Templates

value $27

Done-for-you Small Business Planner with 32 planner pages in customizable Canva Templates.

Comes with commercial rights that you can upload and sell right away to make money online!

You don’t have to be a designer to sell beautiful printables.

Simply upload these done-for-you printable planners to your own website and sell them right away!

An incredibly simple and fast way to make money online!

From Faith Lee of Faith's Biz Academy

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Mandala Affirmation Coloring Pages PLR Bundle

value $27

Coloring helps the colorist to relieve stress. This set of coloring pages goes a step further in that it has affirmation phrases to help the colorist feel better about themselves. These would make great dividers for an affirmation journal or planner.

From Marilyn Southmayd of Gilded Penguin Creations

PLR and/or Commercial Use

The Doors of Opportunity Watercolor Paper Pack

value $37

The Tales From the Rouge "Doors of Opportunity” Watercolor Paper Pack is an exclusive set, created specifically for Gabby's Transforming Lives Bundle which you won't find anywhere else. When it comes to creating your own reality, the image of a door is a universal symbol of new beginnings. Doors can be a symbol for many things: Perception, opportunity, reality, and are perfect for mindset work, vision boards and more.

This set contains 75 images of uniquely nuanced, illustrated art from a door I photographed in Bruges, Belgium. These evergreen images are perfect for creating gorgeous covers and backgrounds for planners and printables as well as KDP and POD products. All templates are provided in high resolution, 300 DPI, US letter (8.5 x 11") PNG format with commercial usage.

From Lara Champion of Tales From the Rouge

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Money Manifestation Journal

value $25

This guided Money Manifestation journal will help you attract the money you want into your life and upgrade your money mindset! Learn different manifestation techniques, uncover money blocks, and self-reflect through 30 days of guided journaling. Use it to manifest more money into your own business or sell it and help others with their own money manifestation journey.

From Kay Zane of Zane PLR

PLR and/or Commercial Use

30 Self Love Affirmation Card Deck

value $27

This Self Love Affirmation Card Deck is a beautifully designed card deck that has 30 Self Love Affirmations on Printable Cards. Perfect for your audience to practice self-love and self-care with 30 Self Love quotes to inspire and encourage positive changes in mind and brighten your day in your personal and business life.

Furthermore, it comes with a standard commercial license where you can sell it to earn income. It is easy to customize and fully editable in PowerPoint source file. You could create stunning opt-in templates in minutes to grow your email list and create printables to sell to earn income.

From Vivian of Clear Crystalo

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Weight Loss Planner & Journal

value $27

Weight Loss is an evergreen niche. 80% of the Population has tried to lose weight and failed. They have bought all the equipment, made all the smoothies, and even gone as far as to cut out entire food groups. And while they may have seen some results, they never seem to last in the beginning.

The Weight Loss Planner & Journal is different. It's not a fad diet or a quick fix but a sustainable way to change their relationship with food and their bodies. Your customers can keep track of food and water intake with this planner.

If your customer is aiming to get into a little black dress during the holiday season, help them with this weight planner and start now!

From Jamie Emm of Fourth Dimension Planner

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Positive Affirmation Card Templates

value $25

Your mindset plays a vital role in how you think, feel, and act throughout the day. If you want to improve your life and your ability to accomplish your goals, you must maintain a positive mindset. This can be easier said than done, but fortunately, there are plenty of ways to strengthen your mindset and reinforce good thinking habits. Practicing daily affirmations is one effective way to do that!

Practicing the positive affirmations on these cards every day helps you push past any barriers that may be holding you back, and motivate you to keep going until you achieve your goals. Repeat these statements when you wake up in the morning, or right before you go to sleep.

The affirmations on the cards are fully editable in Canva, so you can change them if you wish. You can use these templates to make your own affirmation cards or to sell printable affirmation cards in your shop.

From Carmia Jordaan of Carmia Jordaan Design Co.

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Digital Product Toolkit - Watercolour Rainbow

value $27

Quickly transform your digital planner templates into a brand new design and bundle the coordinating sticker set to give your customers even more options.

From Dodge of Foxlike Files

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Ho'oponopono Mandalas & Patterns Colouring Pack PLR

value $27

A fusion of the Ho'oponopono Mantra and Angel Inspired Colouring Therapy.
Help your customers raise their frequency by cleansing spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically with this delightful Colouring Pack…

From Sarah Pritchard of Angel Cuddle Publishing

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Mind Body Soul Grayscale Coloring Pages

value $27

Relax, de-stress and enjoy a little self-care with these Mind Body Soul Grayscale Coloring Pages featuring 30 unique images for you to color. This collection will help you get into the Zen zone. Get ready to exhale as you release your stress while filling these beautiful images with vibrant colors of your choice.

From Kimberly Hamilton of Gypsy Soul Printables

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Affirmations for Health - Coloring PLR Printable Journal for 30 days

value $27

Affirmations for Health are one of the best tools to help you and your coaching clients in their health and wellness journey. Use this beautiful coloring PLR printable journal and the 30 affirmations for health daily to improve your life. Includes daily planner printable as well. This product comes in A4 and US Letter Sizes as well with commercial use license. Easily edit in Canva platform if you would like to or give it away as-is to help grow your coaching practice.

From Dee Pawar of P4 Digital LLC

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Empower Yourself Workbook

value $27

Everyone desires a more enriched life, and when you are empowered you will have all the tools necessary to construct the life of your dreams. This evergreen PLR workbook will help enable your audience to focus on their strengths and work through the building blocks of personal growth to achieve a fulfilled life.

From MaryJo Scamurra of Cool Bean PLR

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Anxiety Journal PLR Template

value $37

This Anxiety Journal PLR template has 28 pages with unique resources to help you and your customers to manage anxious feelings. This journal is perfect to help you create strategies to cope with mental health with special techniques, and process your feelings when the anxiety comes.

It includes activities and prompts to help you relax and connect to your inner health. Commercial right is included. Fully editable in PowerPoint as well as the free version of Canva.

From Carmen Chan of Simply Couture Designs

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Content Plan For Heart Centered Business Owners

value $47

This is a Business Plan for heart-centered business owners, and includes the following:
- 20 topic ideas for Foundational Content (longer blog posts, sometimes called "epic blog posts")
- 104 topic ideas for Regular Content (can be blog posts, podcast episodes, or videos)
- 16 ideas for freebies to grow your list
- 16 ideas for online courses and workshops

This comes with PLR Rights, so you can use it in your business - as well as use it as your own product that you sell (and keep the profits)!

From Crissy Herron of IndieBizChicks

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Calming Zen Paper Pack

value $37

Add your flair to these mix and match calming zen papers. With over 100 covers/dividers and planner/journal pages, you will have the ability to create many different products including wall art, quote pages, story pages and so much more. There is also 45 plus fancy words which can be added to any product.

From Sherry Loren of Missy Rainbow Business Boutique

PLR and/or Commercial Use

My Goals Planner

value $37

Set yourself up to succeed with this beautiful printable goal planner with PLR/commercial use rights.

This planner will help to achieve goals by giving you templates to create and track goals on a yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily basis.

Reaching goals seems less daunting when you break them down into more manageable steps.

From Gina of Hope Blooms PLR

PLR and/or Commercial Use

About Your Bundle Host Gabby - A Cup of Zen

A Cup of Zen wants to make business as easy as possible for you by taking branding, design and digital marketing to the next level for you. We work with small to medium-sized business owners daily in the ins and outs of growing their business with leads and sales. A Cup of Zen has templates to help you with branding your site, publishing your books, and market yourself across the web.

Work on you and save hours of time in your business!

The bundle is only available from November 1-8.

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