Bonuses for Build Your Robot Pack

Huw released a new Build Your Robots coloring pack.

On the front end you get 30 highly customizable robots.

This isn’t your standard coloring pack. You get 30 line drawings in 30 different sets so you can mix and match them to create totally new robots. That’s pretty awesome!

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Bonuses for Build Your Robot

Here are the package offerings and my bonuses. All of the bonuses DONE and uploaded to Warrior Plus. Access them NOW! Please note that I’ve offered these as bonuses before for Huw’s robots pack launched in 2019. Please check to see if you have them first before ordering through my affiliate link. All of these bonuses are ready for you in Warrior Plus.​

1. The Front End offer –

30 highly customizable robot designs that are 100% drag and drop

BONUS for the FE offer – 

As a bonus for the front end pack, I’ll provide you with 20 robot animals. Please note that I offered this as a bonus for the robot pack Huw launched in 2019. So if you’ve bought that robot pack, you already have these. 

2. Upsell #1 –

30 matching background designs & 30 designs with robots

BONUS for Upsell 1 – 

Get 20 colorable backgrounds.

3. Upsell #2 –

30 Robots in color

BONUS for Upsell 2 – 

As a bonus, you get the robot animals in full color.

4. Upsell #3 –

Backgrounds in full color and designs with robots in color

BONUS for Upsell 3 – 

As a bonus, you get a set of 32 colorable background patterns you can use with the robots and/or animal robots or other projects. Here’s an example of a few of them with the animal robots.

Get the Build Your Robot Coloring Pack here!