Create Your Sacred Space Planner

Create Your Sacred Space Planner

Done-For-You Planner Template Pages

Create Your Sacred Space Planner Commercial Use

I’m sure you’ve heard that your home is your castle. You need to make it as comfortable as you can. But it isn’t always easy to plan for cleaning and to actually do it. Use the Create Your Sacred Space Planner to keep track of what you need to do from day to day, week to week, and month to month.

A sacred space planner is a tool that helps you create a personalized space plan. It includes different features such as room layouts, floor plans, and furniture.

While this might sound like a daunting task, it is actually quite simple to use the planner. You can start by browsing through the different templates and then customize your own layout to fit your needs.

This planner can help your customers create a more productive and efficient schedule by helping them visualize and plan out their days.

Sell this journal in your shop to give your customers ways to grieve. You can add to it or use some of the pages to create unique journals for your customers.

This Done-For-You Package Includes:

    • 1 Cover Design in Canva, PowerPoint (PPTX) – Sizes include 8.5×11, 8×10, 6×9, A4 in color
    • Planner Templates (20 interior pages) in Canva and PowerPoint
    • 1 Watercolor Graphic Background
    • PLR / Commercial Use Rights
    Only $27

    What You Get In The Create Your Sacred Space Planner Pack

    Akashic Records Questions Journal Commercial Use

    Create Your Sacred Space Planner Templates – Make Money or Give it Away!

    A sacred space planner is a tool that helps you create a personalized room plan. It helps you visualize your home and make it more comfortable, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing.

    A sacred space planner is an interactive tool that allows you to design a personalized room plan in just seconds. It can help you visualize your home and make it more comfortable, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing.

    That’s why we created these templates to help you create beautiful products and make money, or give them away for free! You can add your own brand or look to the journal. The journal has 1 cover and 20 pages of templates. It’s easy to edit with Canva and PowerPoint (PPTX) templates in 8.5×11, 8×10, 6×9, and A4 size in color.

    Get Templates On All of the Following:

    • Cleaning Schedule
    • Decluttering Plan
    • Monthly Cleaning
    • Chore Tracker
    • Rooms Decluttering
    • 30-Day Declutter Challenge
    • Room Paint Planner
    • Paint Tracker by Rooms
    • Vision Board
    • Cleaning Schedule
    • Defining My Style
    • Room Vision
    • Project Budget 
    • Room Checklist
    • Room Planner
    • Cleaning Schedule
    • Room Makeover Planner
    • Design Brief
    • To Do List by Room
    • Wishlist

    Create Your Sacred Space Planner Template Pages


    Easy to Edit Cover and Interior Page Templates in Canva and PowerPoint (PPTX)


    20 Interior Page Layouts Done for You


    Sizes Included: 8.5x11, 8x10, 6x9, A4


    Comes in Color

    Watercolor Graphic


    Watercolor Graphic


    300 DPI

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