Let’s Get Digital Course and Bonuses

One of my favorite teachers, Shawn Hansen, has a course that is available now. It’s called “Let’s Get Digital.” I had the chance to go through it and created bonuses so read below for my take on the course.

Shawn already makes cute designs in her business and she shows you how in other courses. But in this course, “Let’s Get Digital,” she shows you how to create cute planners to sell to a large market of customers.

While the course may seem to require an iPad, it actually doesn’t. You can design in a FREE app Shawn recommends for the course on the iPad. Or, you can choose to design in PowerPoint, Keynote, or Photoshop, or any other software you like to use.

The course is focused on creating digital planners. As usual, Shawn makes it super easy to follow along with her as you work on creating your digital planners. I love her teaching style because she tells you where everything is and shows you exactly what she is doing while she is doing it.

Shawn also realizes that you want to create digital planners for REVENUE (M-O-N-E-Y) and she has included a video on how to profit.

Shawn has taught college and online for over 20 years. She also helped me get started online through her coaching and she is always 110% in anything she does. She has a lot of experience and wisdom to share in profiting with digital planners online through her newest course, Let’s Get Digital.

Click here to check out her course!


I created bonuses for you to use in your digital planners. If you buy the main course, Let’s Get Digital, from my affiliate link, you get all of this:

  • 7 Digital Watercolor Papers
  • Days of the Week Word Stickers + Blank Stickers (140 Stickers)
  • Numbers for Days of the Month Stickers + Blank Stickers (192 Stickers)
  • List Stickers (7 Stickers)
  • PNG files only
  • Commercial Use Rights

All of these files are available inside of Shawn’s Member’s area.

Here are images of them below:
Digital Papers

Word Stickers
Here’s an example of the word stickers.

Number Stickers
Here’s an example of the number stickers.

List Stickers

Shawn has a one-time-offer available of a January 2021 design pack with graphics to use in your digital planners.

As a bonus for this pack, I’ve created more digital papers and stickers for you to use in your planners. When you buy the OTO1 through my affiliate link, you get:

  • 17 Digital Papers
  • Word Stickers with Months and Days of the Week + Blank (87 Stickers)
  • Numbers for the Days of the Month + Blank (64 Stickers)
  • List Stickers (12 Stickers)
  • PNG Files Only
  • Commercial Use Rights

Digital Papers

Word Stickers

Number Stickers

List Stickers

Shawn also has another one-time-offer that is a cute Catercise Design Pack featuring cute cats and other graphics.

For this bonus, I’ve created some cute rainbows you can use in your designs. They also come with hearts that you can place anywhere in your designs too.