Karmic Partner, Soulmate, Twin Flame Done-for-You Pack and Workbook

Is It a Karmic Partner, Soulmate, or Twin Flame Relationship?

Done-For-You Content & Workbook Template Pages

Tarot content and planner commercial use

A new relationship comes along and you, or your customers, may feel elated thinking “maybe this is the one!” But as the relationship goes on, they may realize this isn’t the relationship they thought it was. What do they do now? And how can they learn the signs of which relationship it is? 

This pack, “Is It a Karmic Partner, Twin Flame, or Soulmate?” helps solve that question with the signs of each relationship and the differences between the three. It also comes with a workbook for your customers to work through their experiences to know the difference.

Sell this workshop in your shop to give your customers ways to use the Tarot. You can add to it or use some of the pages to create unique planners for your customers.

This Done-For-You Package Includes:

  • 5 Blog Posts

Topics Include:

  • Signs You’re With a Karmic Partner_ How to Know – 795 words
  • 7 Signs You Found Your Soulmate – And What To Do Now – 1263 words
  • What Are the Signs You’ve Met Your Twin Flame -631 words
  • What Is The Difference Between A Karmic Partner, Soulmate, and a Twin Flame – 1100 words
  • The Importance of Choosing Between Soul Mate and Twin Flame – 703 words

You Also Get:

  • 1 Cover Design in Canva, PowerPoint (PPTX) – Sizes include 8.5×11, 8×10, 6×9, A4 in color and grayscale
  • Workbook Templates (25 interior pages) in Canva and PowerPoint
  • 1 Watercolor Background
  • 4 Watercolor Graphics
  • PLR / Commercial Use Rights

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This Package Comes With:
1. 5 Blog Posts
2. Workbook Templates
3. Background & Watercolor Graphics
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Workbook Only Package

This Package Comes With:
1. Workbook Templates
2. Background & Watercolor Graphics
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What You Get In The Karmic Partner, Soulmates, Twin Flame Pack

5 Blog Posts

Use these blog posts to boost traffic to your site and help your customers understand the differences between the karmic partner, soulmate, and twin flame relationships.

Topics Include:

Signs You're With a Karmic Partner- How to Know - 795 words


7 Signs You Found Your Soulmate - And What To Do Now - 1263 words


What Are the Signs You've Met Your Twin Flame -631 words


What Is The Difference Between A Karmic Partner, Soulmate, and a Twin Flame - 1100 words


The Importance of Choosing Between Soul Mate and Twin Flame - 703 words


That's 4,492 words in total!

Akashic Records Questions Journal Commercial Use
Akashic Records Questions Journal Commercial Use

Karmic, Soulmate, or Twin Flame Workbook Templates – Make Money or Give it Away!

When you’re in the middle of a relationship, it can be hard to understand what led to its ending, if it ends. But there are signs that show which relationship it was that you were in and what you can learn from it. Using the workbook, your customers can find what core wounds are triggered from karmic and twin flame relationships, and sometimes from soulmates.

Everyone wants to find a soulmate or twin flame relationship. But, do you keep attracting karmic partners? If your customers do, help set them free by learning the spiritual lessons they need to learn in order to break free from the pattern.

That’s why we created these templates to help you create beautiful products and make money, or give them away for free! You can add your own brand or look to the workbook. The workbook has 1 cover and 10 pages of templates. It’s easy to edit with Canva and PowerPoint (PPTX) templates in 8.5×11, 8×10, 6×9, and A4 size in color and grayscale (PPTX only).

Get Templates On All of the Following:

  • Is this a soulmate or karmic partner?
  • Is this a twin flame?
  • Mastering the wounds with shadow work (x2 pages)
  • Working through the intense emotions to communicate and heal
  • The lessons we learn from relationships
  • Boundaries keep the relationship (and you) whole
  • Our twin flame journey
  • Forgiving ourselves and our partner
  • I accept my twin flame

Workbook Template Pages


Easy to Edit Cover and Interior Page Templates in Canva and PowerPoint (PPTX)


10 Interior Page Layouts Done for You


Sizes Included: 8.5x11, 8x10, 6x9, A4


Comes in Color and Grayscale (PPTX Only)

Background & Watercolor Graphics


1 Background at 300 DPI in 12"x12"


4 Watercolor Graphics

Total Value = $500
Only $47

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Total Value = $500
Only $47