5 Ways to Use the Self Love Content Pack

1 Self Love Mindfulness Compassion Prewritten Content PlannerTeach your audience about self-love through mindfulness and compassion. Our pack of done-for-you “Self Love and Care with Mindfulness and Compassion” content helps you do just that.

The pack includes:

  • 5 Pre-Written Blog Posts
With the Topics of:
  • 3 Tips to Starting a Mindfulness Routine (645 words)
  • 5 Tips for Practicing Self Compassion to Feel Better (664 words)
  • 5 Ways to Practice Self Care that Will Make You Feel Amazing (489 words)
  • Top 5 Benefits of Burning Incense for Greater Wellbeing (508 words)
  • Ways to Practice Compassion and Why it is Important (546 words)
And You Also Get:
  • Watercolor Lady with Flower Wreath Watercolor Clip Art and Graphics in 6 Skintones, 3 Eye Colors, and Hair Colors (6 different graphic files)
  • Planner/Workbook Layout in Canva and PowerPoint in 6×9, 8.5×11, 8×10, and A4 sizes
  • 6 Social Media Post Templates (Canva & PowerPoint)
  • 6 Pinterest Post Templates (Canva & PowerPoint)
  • Commercial Use Rights

How Can You Make Money With This Pack?

If you are a coach…

1. Take the blog posts and add it to the planner/workbook to give away and build your list with an opt-in or sell it as a planner/workbook combo. Be sure to offer a way to work with you in your funnel or in the planner/workbook so that your clients can take the next step with you.
2. Use all of the graphics to create a variety of planners with the lady in 6 different skin tones, different colored stripe backgrounds, and flowers. Your clients can select the planner they want that best represents them.
3. Once you have your opt-in or product ready, promote it on social media with the social posts.
4. Record a video of you sharing the blog posts. Videos get traffic to your website. Share it across all the major channels you’re on.
5. Create a mini-class or a webinar from the blog posts that leads into working with you 1-on-1 or in a group

If you are a low content creator…

1. Use the content from the pack as prompts for the journal page in the planner/workbook. You can easily expand the product into several pages for your customers to focus on self-love.
2. Use the watercolor lady in a variety of designs along with the flowers and backgrounds. The flowers will also look great in front of the backgrounds.
3. Create a planner, journal, or workbook and list it for sale

Check out the Self Love and Care with Mindfulness and Compassion pack!

1 Self Love Mindfulness Compassion Prewritten Content Planner