Create These 3 Videos to Promote Your Products and Services

Creating videos to get your point across is one of the best ways to do just that. People can see and hear you to get an understanding of your message. But how do you create a video that also shows off your products and services? Here are 3 videos you can create to offer your products and services:

1. Demo Video

Demo your planner (digital or printable) by showing it off on video. Show how to use it and ways to write in it, add stickers, and how you would use it in your daily life. Examples like these are very helpful.

If you’re offering services, give a demo of your service through a video. If you’re a writer, show how you write and edit a blog post, for instance. Or, if you’re a coach, ask a few questions in your demo video around a topic your audience is interested in.

2. How-To Video

In a how-to video, you’re teaching a tutorial on how to do something. Make it count! Make sure it is a question your audience wants to know about. Then offer 3 simple tips in your video on how to do something. You don’t have to give away the farm by giving them the entire process. Save that for a paid class you offer that your video can lead into.

3. Opinion Video

In this video, share your opinion about something that you either agree or disagree with. For example, if you’re a health coach, and you disagree with eating meat or packaged foods, then tell us why in the video. Opinion videos can be eye-opening and full of enlightened guidance for your audience. You have to remember that your audience may not know everything you know! So share your philosophy and opinion with them so that they can adopt a new mindset for themselves.

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