Embedding Fonts in PowerPoint

To start, be sure to install the font on your hard drive. 1. Download the font. 2. Click to open it. 3. Click Install. Once you’ve installed the font, then open your PowerPoint file. 1. In PPTX, click File. 2. Click Options at the bottom left of the file. 3. Click Save on the right hand side bar navigation that pops up on your screen. 4. Under “Preserve fidelity when sharing this presentation,” > Click Embed fonts in the file > Click on Embed all characters (best for editing by other people) 5. click Ok 6. Save your file. When I tried this the first time with a font, I received an error message that said, “Font not available.” I researched the reason for this error and found that some fonts are not embeddable, depending on their terms of use. However, the font I was trying to embed wasn’t installed on my hard drive. I looked for it in my files and didn’t see it. I downloaded it from a website and installed it. Once I did that and retried to embed it, it worked.