How to Create a Pinterest Business Account

Having an idea for a new business is fun. Starting a new business can be scary and exciting all at the same time. If you want to market your business on Pinterest, first you have to create an account. While you may just want to create a personal one, it will serve your business better in the long run to create a business account. Here’s why and how to create a Pinterest business account.

Why Create a Pinterest Business Account

If you have a business, you’ll want to create the business account on Pinterest versus the personal account. There’s a few reasons why and those are:

1) You get access to tools that help you see the results of your posts (data!). These tools include Analytics and a business profile. You also receive a Pinterest save button you can add to your browser or website and a widget you can add to your website.
2) You also can brand your business on Pinterest with a business account and attribute your content to your brand/business
3) You have the ability to claim your website, which gives you a link from Pinterest
4) You have access to advertising on Pinterest. Now the Pinterest world is at your fingertips with this!

Although this is available in the personal account, another reason to create a business account is for the SEO Pinterest provides, which, when you post on Pinterest, it comes up in the search results based on your keywords used for the posts. If your website is listed on your profile, and links are inside your posts, it makes it easier for people to find you online.

How to Create a New Pinterest Business Account

It’s pretty easy! Get all the latest steps straight from Pinterest or follow the steps below.

1. Just head over to Pinterest and click “Sign Up Now.”
2. You’ll see the text “Create a Business Account” at the bottom of the sign-up screen. Click that.
3. Add your name and email and any other information
4. You’ll go through the process of choosing your interests, etc
5. Be sure that, once you’re on Pinterest, to add your profile picture and business information in the Settings.

Convert Your Pinterest Personal Account to Business

You can also convert your personal account to a business one. All the steps are also available on Pinterest.

1. Just log into your personal Pinterest account
2. You can go to the URL:
3. You’ll need to fill in the business account information they request
4. Click the button “Create account” and boom, you’re done!

Now you can have all the great features the Pinterest business account offers!