How to Design Masks for Print On Demand in Print Aura Using Photoshop

Have you ever wanted to make a design mask with Print Aura? There are several masks available made from fabric. You can add a custom design to the masks to wear during the COVID 19 pandemic. The masks are also a print-on-demand product you can sell on Etsy, other marketplaces, or your website.

Etsy recently sent out an email asking for more sellers to create masks. While the New York Times has a guide on how to sew masks, print-on-demand sites like Print Aura, Gooten, and Printed Mint have added this product to their selection for printing during the crisis.

I saw that Print Aura recently added masks to their print-on-demand platform. I asked my readers if they would like a tutorial video showing them how to design and add their graphics to the masks on the platform. They said yes!

I chose to work with Print Aura first since it was the platform that I received the first email from after they launched this new product. The mask area is a square located on the front of the mask. At this time, Print Aura does not have sublimation (print all on the entire mask) available, but it has different colors you can choose.

In this video, I show you how to design a mask using graphics or clip art and text to create a print-on-demand mask. You can create unique designs on masks and use Print Aura to print them for yourself or list them for sale. Etsy has asked for more sellers to create masks so you can list them on their platform, other marketplaces, or on your website.

This tutorial uses Photoshop but is adaptable for use in other software like PicMonkey, Paint, and Gimp. If you are unable to remove the white background in some software, Print Aura has the option to remove the white background when you upload your artwork to their platform.

In the video, I show you:

  • Where to select clip art or graphics from at a low price that also has a huge selection of popular styles
  • How to create the design to fit within the licensing guidelines and make it unique
  • How to design it in Photoshop
  • How to use text as part of your design
  • How to upload the design in Print Aura to fit on the printing area for the mask
  • How to design a mock-up of the mask on a royalty-free image of a person without having to order masks and take pictures

Items Mentioned from the Video:

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❁ Photoshop (Adobe Software) –
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