How to Get the Mindset to Solve Issues

It really is about mindset.

But what is your mind stuck on?

If you’re doing the same thing day in and day out and not seeing results, it’s time to look for a new solution.

Level up your game.

It could be your business model, your product marketing strategy versus your competition, that you are not marketing enough, or something else in your strategy.

Pick 1 thing today to work on.

Don’t just give up. Giving up does not solve the issue.

Mindset is about looking at the issue and finding a solution.

Each time an issue comes up, you find a solution.

And sometimes you make a mistake – you choose a solution and it doesn’t solve the problem. But you measure the results and you choose a different solution and try that.

If you see positive results, keep doing it.

That is mindset.

Dale Carnegie said, ” If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.”

Sometimes it is just to make a decision and go out there and do it.

You know we actually had a door-to-door financial advisor visit yesterday and he’s a fiduciary. I was surprised. But he has an office nearby and wanted us to know he is there if we need investments.

Not your typical door-to-door person, for us at least. We usually get a handyman saying he would like to clean our gutters or spray for mosquitoes.

And I thought, gotta be like the door-to-door financial man.

Put an offer out there. Let them know you are there!