Instant Puzzle Generator Review & Bonuses

The Instant Puzzle Generator is LIVE and it is awesome!

With an intuitive interface that is very easy to use, you can generate Word Search Puzzles quickly and easily with a few clicks of a button. Niranjan also provides all of the training you need to get started.

Here are some of the things I love about using this software:

  • Easy to follow training videos
  • Get started with the click of a button
  • Upload your word file in CSV and TXT formats
  • Easy to find support button and email
  • Access to the Facebook group for ongoing support and business-building community
  • Send in your feedback button

The Instant Puzzle Generator is well thought out with a lot of great features.

Inside the Wordsearch generator area, you get:

  • The ability to upload words in CSV and TXT formats
  • Change font sizes and fonts for your puzzles (create BIG font puzzles)
  • Change the puzzle grid size
  • Change the position of the puzzle clue words
  • Use or delete puzzle borders
  • Customize the wordsearch puzzle solution settings – show solution words only, circle the letters, and show the bounding box
  • Change the colors and border colors, filler colors, and solution letter colors

This software is packed with a lot of quality! The value is HIGH!

Get the Instant Puzzle Generator here!

Check out all of the things included in the features:

  • Customize Title & Description to make your puzzles unique – VALUE $97
  • Quick Edit Dashboard helps you edit your wordlist on the fly – VALUE $97
  • Detailed Training included – VALUE $97
  • Download individual puzzles or entire books in one click – VALUE $97
  • 900+ Font Options to select from – VALUE $97
  • Multiple Grid Sizes that can be changed at the click of a button – VALUE $97
  • Multiple File Formats…PNG, JPG, PDF, PPTX – VALUE $97
  • Multiple Page Numbering Styles to play around with – VALUE $97
  • Puzzle Regeneration…just click a button and reshuffle the letters in your puzzles – VALUE $97
  • Multiple Trim Sizes to allow you the ability to switch between book sizes – VALUE $97
  • Puzzle Clues with multiple placement options – VALUE $97
  • Stunning Border Options that will make your puzzles stand out – VALUE $97
  • Multiple Answer Page Layouts to suit your needs – VALUE $97
  • Multiple Solution Styles give the freedom to create answer sheets that make a statement – VALUE $97
  • Multi-Color Puzzle Options allow you to create puzzle books in color for ETSY and other platforms – VALUE $97
  • Support team that’s committed to making you successful – VALUE $97

That’s a total value of $1843!

Get the Instant Puzzle Generator here!

And you can pick up the software right now but before you do, check out my BONUSES!


Main Offer

If you buy the Front-End (Main) Product through my affiliate link, you get a pack of colorable frames you can use for your wordsearch puzzles. There are 10 frames included in this bonus and you get access to them right away! See the image of them below. These are perfect to use in adult and kids wordsearch books. 

Here is what a page looks like after applying one of the frames to it:


With the one-time-offer 1 upsell, you get extra benefits like unlimited puzzle books, more advanced features, and developer rights (for more profits). You get: unlimited puzzle books you can create, full puzzle book downloads as PowerPoint files, developer’s license to create puzzle books for clients included, and unlimited color options.

If you purchase the OTO1 through my affiliate link, then you receive a pack of 20 colorable frames you can use to add to your wordsearch puzzle books. They come in 300DPI in black and white in PNG and JPEG. See a picture of them below.
Get the Instant Puzzle Generator here!


With the one-time-offer 2 upsell, you get to create puzzle books 10x faster with a list of 10,000+ words in 100+ categories. All you have to do is upload these already done-for-you words into the puzzle generator and download your puzzles. You’ll be ready to publish your book with lightning speed.

If you purchase the OTO2 through my affiliate link, you will receive a set of 32 line art backgrounds you can use in your puzzle books as colorable backgrounds. You can also use these as borders/frames and in coloring pages. See a picture of them below.

Get the Instant Puzzle Generator here!
They’re ready for you in your account after purchase!

With your purchase of OTO 3, you get 30 done-for-you PowerPoint cover templates you can use to quickly get your book ready to publish for KDP. These are already formatted for KDP publishing. All you have to do is change the text on the cover and back, and you can also change the images and style of the cover to fit your niche of puzzle book.

If you purchase the OTO 3 through my affiliate link, you will receive an entire set of Christmas line art images to color. You can use these as decoration for your covers and inside pages for a Christmas theme. See the image of all of the Christmas images you receive below.

Get the Instant Puzzle Generator here!
They’re all ready for you!