Use These 3 Tips to Create Printables That Sell

I get asked this one a lot: How do you create products monthly without pulling out your hair?

I’ll break it down for you. Here are 3 things you need to do in order to create a product. This applies whether you’re using PLR, or done-for-you content or starting from scratch.

1. Research what’s out there. Find out what’s the best thing – low and high cost out there. Then figure out what’s missing in those products. Where can you fill in the gap?

2. Make a list of what you find in your research and what you believe is missing. This piece is so important because this is where you can add your expertise. A lot of products just skim the surface of what your customers can learn. Why not add your step-by-step process to the product? I created a class using a process I created that is not taught anywhere else. As a result, the students gained a new technique that was also easy to follow.

I see things missing for products all the time too. If you create even that 1 extra printable page, it could be worth it for someone out there who needs it.

3. Take time to create your product. Make sure you schedule the time so that you can get it done. Even if it is 15 minutes – 1 hour a day. Where do you have time in your schedule to fit product creation in?

Whenever I’m going through these three steps, I may think everything has been done already, but I always find something new to add to a product because the research kick-starts my brain into thinking – what else can I add to this that would be helpful for my customer?

But I’m not always perfect. In my most recent product, I realized that I was slightly off-angle. If I had written the sales page first, I would have realized that! I could have positioned it better so that my customers would instantly recognize what the product was for instead of covering the gaps in emails.

Look, whether you do all three of these tips forever or do what you can when you can, I’m proud of you.

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