What Picard Can Teach Us During Uncertain Times

I loved Star Trek: The Next Generation when I was a kid. I loved the characters, the stories and episodes, and especially Jean Luc Picard. I realized after watching the episodes of the newest series, Picard, that I loved him as a mentor and father figure. I believe that is what he was to many of us who grew up watching it from my generation. And what I especially love about Picard in this series is his unwillingness to back down. In the series, Dahj and Soji are both synthetics (AI) who get “activated” after being confronted with an attack against their lives. The whole series was timely and reflects so much of what we are going through now against the threat of coronavirus. Not only in life and death, but also in our economy and finances. I believe this show is very relevant to what we are experiencing in reality, at least the underlying themes addressed are similar. Our leaders here in the US have said this week is going to be one of the worst weeks ahead in terms of the news on the coronavirus. But we mustn’t let that stop us. It is sad. It is shocking. It is normal to have these feelings. But we also have to “activate” ourselves during this time to keep going. To fight back in our businesses and adjust, adapt to these circumstances. It is time for us to rise up, not to back down, not to fade out. We each have abilities, skills, strength, enthusiasm, or even compassion to lend to others in need right now. There are people out there who need you now. And for some of you, just as much as you need them. I encourage you to look at your skills, your strengths, your abilities, your business right now and put more of your offers out there today. If you don’t have the endurance or time to make a large product, just make a mini one. A microsized product is probably what many people need right now. If you don’t know what to make right now, make masks. Etsy recently asked for more people to make masks since Dr. Fauci and Trump made the suggestion to wear one in public. You can also sell them on Etsy, but just don’t claim it can keep people from catching the conornavirus because that has not been proven medically or scientifically yet. And if all you have time to do is to take care of family or yourself right now, then focus on that. Just know that, as the Queen of the United Kingdom says, we will meet each other again, our spirit lives on, and the symbol is the rainbows drawn by children. I share with you a rainbow I created with crystals as a symbol of faith in things getting better. I hope that it gives you hope and may you “activate” yourself to continue and use your skills, abilities to help others during this time.