Tips to Connect with Your Spirit Animals (And Help Your Clients Do It Too)

A spirit animal is a term used to describe an animal that we feel has some sort of spiritual connection with us. They usually appear in dreams or visions and have been used by various cultures.

We all have spirit animals that are symbolic of who we are or who we aspire to be. They represent our personalities and traits. They help us connect to our inner selves and help us decipher what is happening in our lives.

There are many different theories about spirit animals. Some people believe spirit animals are here to guide us and help us take the right path. Others believe that they are here to remind us of our animal instincts and wild nature.

Spirit animals are often used as a tool to communicate with the spirits and they give insight into our lives and decisions.

Some of the Reasons People Love Connecting with Spirit Animals

Spirit animals are popular because of many reasons. They help us get in touch with our inner emotions and make decisions that support our lives. So many people search for them each month to the tune of 90,000+ searches per month.

Here are a few reasons why people love connecting with their spirit animal:

  1. Because if you know your spirit animal, you will be able to fully connect with its powers and abilities.
  2. Because you can get in contact with your spirit animal if need be — and help you through tough times.
  3. Because knowing your spirit animal is a good way to understand yourself better!

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How You Can Connect with Your Spirit Animal and Use It for More than Just Spiritual Guidance

Many people see the animal they are drawn to as their spirit animal. This is a connection between a person and a place or a person’s spirit animal is a vision, totem, or incarnation of a particular being. It can also be drawn from one’s dreams and visions.

People often decide on their spirit animal by asking questions such as “What do I need protection from?” or “Who do I need to teach me something?” These questions help them find their answer in life with the help of their spirit animal. 

A spirit animal can help with more than life questions. It may help you in business, with relationships, career, finances, and more.

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5 Tips on How to Connect With Your Spirit Animal in Your Day-to-Day Life

There may be many reasons why you want to find your spirit animal. Maybe it’s because you feel like there is a part of yourself that needs to come out and you need an extra push in life. Maybe it’s because you need some guidance or wisdom from an animal that has already seen what challenges await you in your future. Whatever your reason for wanting to find your spirit animal, here are some ways that might help:

1. Meditate to meet your spirit animal

Meditation is a way to connect with your inner self and find peace of mind. It can help you connect deeply with your spirit animal and make a connection with it.

When you meditate on your spirit animal, your mind will bring up the one that can help you the most right now. 

  • Find a quiet place and sit comfortably in a meditative posture. 
  • If you want, burn some incense or light a candle, then close your eyes and focus on your breathing. (Take five deep breaths.)
  • Quietly ask the universe to send you an animal spirit guide that is perfect for you. (This can be a specific species, such as a wolf or an eagle.) 

Try not to judge what you see as your spirit animal appears to you in meditation.

2. Ask questions

When you ask questions, the universe usually sends answers to you. Ask these following questions to learn who your spirit animal is:

  • Which animal is my spirit animal?
  • Can my spirit animal make itself known to me?
  • What can I learn from this spirit animal?
  • What is this spirit animal teaching me today?

3. Take a walk in a park or a forest, and ask your spirit animal to come to you

You may see one of your spirit animals on your walk. Keep in mind that your spirit animal could also be a bird, a fish or turtle, or an insect. Notice which animal appears most often. You may feel a pull towards it, and this will let you know you’ve found your spirit animal.

4. Think about the characteristics of your spirit animal — how can you relate to it?

Sometimes we think about things animals do and we relate ourselves to that animal and its behavior. Doing this can show us which animal is connected with us in spirit. For example, if you think you need to hibernate and spend time alone, you may think of yourself as being like a bear. In that instance, the bear spirit animal is helping you tune into your need for more rest and relaxation time.

5. Spirit animals appear in our dreams and we can talk to them there. 

Start with a dream journal, recalling all your recent dreams. Look at the recurring themes in the dreams, you might find some symbolism that may point out what your spirit animal is like.

Try not to think about it too much! Let your Spirit Animal choose you when the time is right.

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